Faculty Office Hours

Andrew Abbott
Office: SSRB 313
Phone: 702-4545
Email: aabbott@uchicago.edu
Friday all day by appointment

Luc Anselin
Office: SSRB 421
Phone: 834-3320
Email: anselin@uchicago.edu
Wednesday 3:15-4:15 and by appointment (request via email)

Joyce Bell
Office: SSRB 415
Phone: 702-8962
Email: jmbell@uchicago.edu
Email for appointment

Neil Brenner
Office: SSRB 422
Phone: 702-6877
Email: neilbrenner@uchicago.edu
Leave of absence

Terry Clark
Office: SSRB 322
Email: tnclark@uchicago.edu
Monday 5:50 in Cobb 102 after class and by appointment (request via email)

Elisabeth Clemens
Office: SSRB 323
Phone: 834-4746
Email: clemens@uchicago.edu
Tuesday 3:30-5:00 and by appointment

James Evans
Office: SSRB 420
Phone: 834-3612
Email: jevans@uchicago.edu
Email for appointment

René Flores
Office: SSRB 424
Email: renedf@uchicago.edu
Leave of absence

Marco Garrido
Office: SSRB 317
Phone: 702-6515
Email: garrido@uhicago.edu
Email for appointment

Andreas Glaeser
Office: SSRB 401E
Phone: 702-8679
Email: aglaeser@uchicago.edu

Julian Go
Office: SSRB 319
Phone: 702-8677
Email: jgo34@uchicago.edu
Tuesday 3:00-4:00

Kimberly Kay Hoang
Office: SSRB 413
Phone: 834-0579
Email: kayhoang@uchicago.edu
Wednesday 11:00-12:30

Karin Knorr Cetina
Office: SSRB 426
Phone: 834-3312
Email: knorr@uchicago.edu
Leave of absence

John Levi Martin
Office: SSRB 312
Phone: 702-7098
Email: jlmartin@uchicago.edu
Email for appointment

Omar McRoberts
Office: SSRB 427
Phone: 834-8970
Email: omcrober@uchicago.edu
Email for appointment

Stephen Raudenbush
Office: SSRB 418
Phone: 834-1904
Email: sraudenb@uchicago.edu
Email for appointment

Kristin Schilt
Office: SSRB 320
Phone: 702-7753
Email: kschilt@uchicago.edu
Wednesday 3:00-5:00

Ross Stolzenberg
Office: SSRB 325
Phone: 702-8685
Email: rstolzenberg@uchicago.edu
Email for appointment

Jenny Trinitapoli
Office: SSRB 414
Phone: 834-0334
Email: jennytrini@uchicago.edu
Wednesday 2:00-4:00

Robert Vargas
Office: SSRB 410
Phone: 834-2586
Email: robvargas@uchicago.edu
Thursday 2:00-3:30; email jbecerra@uchicago.edu for appointment

Linda Waite
Office: NORC 249A
Phone: 256-6333
Email: l-waite@uchicago.edu
Monday 11:00-1:00 and by appointment

Geoffrey Wodtke
Office: SSRB 425
Phone: 834-0335
Email: wodtke@uchicago.edu
Email for appointment

Kazuo Yamaguchi
Office: NORC 249
Phone: 256-6324
Email: k-yamagu@uchicago.edu
Monday 10:30-11:50 at NORC office and by appointment

Linda Zhao
Office: SSRB 408
Email: lzhao@uchicago.edu
Email for appointment