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Congratulations to Pranathi Diwakar, who won the Division of the Social Sciences' 2023 Saller Prize for most outstanding dissertation of the year!

Citing research by René D. Flores and collaborators, Congress members introduced a bill to start collecting data on Middle Eastern and North African people. More information here

Congratulations to PhD student Theodora Hurley, who received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for her project "Understanding Relationships between Sexuality and Health through Bisexual Health Disparities."

Julian Go will give the Inaugural Lecture of the Decolonising Sociology Lectures at the University of Lisbon, Portugal, on March 15, 2023, organised by the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon in conjunction with the University of Cambridge. More information on the hybrid event here.

Remembering Jolyon Ticer-Wurr (MA’96 PhD’14): A Tribute

Ariela Schachter, René D. Flores, and Neda Maghbouleh won the Oliver Cromwell Cox Article Award by the ASA section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities. Article linked here.

Congratulations to doctoral candidate Karlyn Gorski who received the 2022 Wayne C. Booth Graduate Student Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

Professor Julian Go gave the 2022 Annual British Journal of Sociology Lecture on April 6, 2022 titled, “Thinking Against Empire: Anticolonial Thought as Social Theory.” Video recording here.

Congratulations to undergraduate sociology major Dinah Clottey (2022) who received a University Diversity Leadership Award from the University of Chicago.

The Futures of Urban Social Science. Join us for a colloquium panel featuring Luis Bettencourt, Neil Brenner, Marco Garrido, Nicole P. Marwell, Sabina Shaikh, Emily Talen, and Robert Vargas on Wednesday, October 27th. More details here

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We're pleased to welcome the following scholars to share their work at our department colloquium. All talks will take place in Albion Small (SSRB 305) on Wednesdays from 12:30pm to 1:50pm CT unless otherwise noted. 

  • Jennifer L. Jennings (Princeton University), Thursday, March 23 -- in conjunction with the Committee on Education Workshop
  • Geoffrey Wodtke (University of Chicago), March 29: Toxic Neighborhoods: Concentrated Poverty, Environmental Lead Contamination, and Early Childhood Development
  • Jamie Kucinskas (Hamilton College), April 5: The Loyalty Trap: Civil Servants’ Competing Loyalties under the Trump -- CANCELLED
  • Douglas Downey (Ohio State University), April 19: How Does Schooling Affect Inequality in Cognitive Skills? The View from Seasonal Comparison Research
  • Emily Erickson (Yale University), April 26: Trade and Nation: How Companies and Politics Reshaped Economic Thought
  • Tyson Brown (Duke University), May 3: Structural Racism and Health Stratification: Connecting Theory to Methods
  • Steven Epstein (Northwestern University), May 17: The Quest for Sexual Health: Pleasure, Politics, and the Changing Landscapes of Authority and Expertise
  • Nathan Wilmers (MIT), May 24: The End of Inequality? Effects of Work Reorganization Amid Resurgent Worker Power