Recent Publications

Below is a list of journal articles by doctoral students in the Department of Sociology published in the last three years.


Liang Cai, C. R. Browning, and Kathleen A. Cagney. Forthcoming. "Exposure of Neighborhood Racial and Socio-Economic Composition in Activity Space: A New Approach Adjusting for Residential Conditions." Social Forces.

Ángela Zorro Medina, Stephanie Ternullo and Robert Vargas. Forthcoming. “Do Political Dynasties Affect Urban Inequality? Evidence from Crime and 311 in Chicago." Social Forces.

Ladak, Ali, Matti Wilks, and Jacy Reese Anthis. 2023. “Extending Perspective Taking to Nonhuman Animals and Artificial Entities.” Social Cognition 41(3):274–302.

Anna Berg. 2023. "Anti-COVID = Anti-science? How protesters against COVID-19 measures appropriate science to navigate the information environment." New Media & Society.

Reyna I. Hernandez. 2023. “Wrongfully Convicted and in Lock-Up: Understanding Innocence and the Development of Legal Consciousness Behind Prison Walls." Law & Social Inquiry

Donghyun Kang and James Evans. 2023. "Scientific Networks." Pp. 225-241 in The Sage Handbook of Social Network Analysis, Second Edition.

Donghyun Kang, TaeYoung Kang, and Junkyu Jang. 2023. "Papers with code or without code? Impact of GitHub repository usability on the diffusion of machine learning research." Information Processing & Management 60(6):103477.

Hyunku Kwon and John Levi Martin. 2023. “Subjective Political Polarization." Sociological Science.

Allison Reed. 2023. "Repertoires of Care and Activist Sustainability in U.S. Social Justice Organizing." Mobilization.

Nicolás Torres-Echeverry. 2023. “Social Media, Meet Old Politics: Preservation and Innovation in Colombian Presidential Elections, 2010-2018.” Theory & Society.

Ilana M. Ventura and Angela S. García. 2023. "Resilient Remittances? Examining Immigrant Remittances from the United States to Latin America During Covid-19." International Migration Review

Xiaogao Zhou and Songyin Liu. 2023. “Making Gender Crises: State Newspapers and the Regulation of Gender Nonconformity in China.” Social Problems.

Ángela Zorro Medina. 2023. “Una evaluación experimental de los acuerdos penales en Colombia” (“An Experimental Evaluation of Criminal Settlements in Colombia”). In Justicia penal y mecanismos de condena sin juicio, edited by M. Langer and M. Sozzo.

Jacy Reese Anthis. 2022. “Consciousness Semanticism: A Precise Eliminativist Theory of Consciousness.” In Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures 2021, eds. Paul V Klimov and David J. Kelley. New York: Springer.

Janet Pauketat and Jacy Reese Anthis. 2022. "Predicting the Moral Consideration of Artificial Intelligences.” Computers in Human Behavior.

Anna Berg. 2022. “Electoral Strategy or Historical Legacy? The CDU’s Reactions to Far-Right Parties in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1964-1990.” Social Science History.

Likun Cao, Ziwen Chen, and James Evans. 2022. “Destructive Creation, Creative Destruction, and the Paradox of Innovation Science.” Sociological Compass.

Pranathi Diwakar. 2022. “Placing Caste: Spatialization, Urban Segregation, and Musical Boundary Making.” Social Forces.

Rebecca Ewert. 2022. “Like Wildfire: Creating Rumor Narrative Content in the Face of Disaster.” Environmental Sociology.

Karlyn Gorski. 2022. “You Selling? Snack Sales and the Construction of Deviance in High Schools.” Youth & Society.

Lara Janson. 2022. “A Manosphere Brotherhood against the Law: Masculinity Threat and Legal Consciousness in Online Networks for Buyers of Sex in Illinois.” Sexuality Research and Social Policy

Jane McCamant. 2022. “Catholic Civics Education in the Early Cold War: Zeal for Democracy, Zeal for Christ.” The Journal of Historical Sociology.

Grey Pierce. 2022. “How Older White Gay Men and Lesbians Leverage Advantages to Navigate Healthcare.” The Journal of Homosexuality.

Allison Reed. 2022. “Mental Health, Availability to Participate in Social Change, and Social Movement Accessibility.” Social Science and Medicine.

Joshua Silver and Claudio Benzecry. 2022. “Editor’s Love: Matching, Reading, and the Editorial Self-Concept.” In The Cultural Sociology of Reading, ed. Angelica Thumala Olave. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Stephanie Ternullo. 2022. “‘I’m Not Sure What to Believe’: Media Distrust and Opinion Formation during the COVID-19 Pandemic.” American Political Science Review.

Jeffrey Parker and Stephanie Ternullo. 2022. “Gentrifiers Evading Stigma: Social Integrationists in the Neighborhood of the Future.” Social Problems.

Stephanie Ternullo and Jeffrey Parker. Forthcoming. “Rage Against the Machine: How 21st Century Political Machines Constitute Their Own Opposition.” The Elgar Handbook of Urban Social Movements.

Eos Trinidad. 2022. “Meaning-Making, Negotiation, and Change in School Accountability, Or What Sociology Can Offer Policy Studies.” Sociological Inquiry.

Geoff Wodtke . . . Kailey White, and Betsy Priem. 2022. “Concentrated Poverty, Ambient Air Pollution, and Child Cognitive Development.” Science Advances 8:1-19. 

Chris Williams. 2022. “Blue Racing: The Racialization of Police in Hate Crimes Statistics.” University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform

Yuchen Yang. 2022. “The Art Worlds of Gender Performance: Cosplay, Embodiment, and the Collective Embodiment of Gender.” The Journal of Chinese Sociology.

Canton Winer, Megan Carrroll, and Yuchen Yang. 2022. “I Didn’t Know Ace Was a Thing: Bisexuality and Pansexuality as Identity Pathways in Asexual Identity Formation.” Sexualities

Selena Zhong, Megan Huisingh-Scheetz, and Elbert Huang. 2022. “Delayed Medical Care and Its Perceived Health Impact among US Older Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.


Harris, Jamie and Jacy Reese Anthis. 2021. “The Moral Consideration of Artificial Entities: A Literature Review.” Science and Engineering Ethics.

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Rebecca Ewert. 2021. “A Country Boy Can Survive: Rural Culture and Male-Targeted Suicide Prevention Messaging.” Social Science and Medicine

Mishal Khan. 2021. “Abolition as a Racial Project: Erasures and Racializations on the Borders of British India.” Political Power and Social Theory. 

So Yoon Lee. 2021. “An Urban Explanation of Jokowi’s Rise: Implications for Politics and Governance in Post-Suharto Indonesia.” Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs

Moira O’Shea and Masha Vlasova. 2021. “Fluid Objects: Speculations on Monumentality.” ASAP/Journal.

William A. Birdthistle & Joshua Silver. 2021. “Funding Crises: An Empirical Study of the Paycheck Protection Program.” The Buffalo Law Review.

Brandon Sward. 2021. “Visions of Modernity: Architecture, Colonialism, and Indigeneity Across the Americas.” Art Style.

Eos Trinidad. 2021. “Teacher Satisfaction and Burnout During COVID-19: What Organizational Factors Help?” International Journal of Leadership in Education

Eos Trinidad & King, R. 2021. “Ability Grouping Predicts Inequality, Not Achievement Gains in Philippine Schools: Findings from PISA 2018.” Educational Research for Policy and Practice

Haw, J., King, R.B. & Eos Trinidad. 2021. “Need Supportive Teaching is Associated with Greater Reading Achievement: What the Philippines Can Learn From PISA 2018.” International Journal of Educational Research.

Leyretana, K.A. & Eos Trinidad. 2021. “Predicting or Preventing Lifelong Learning? The Role of Employment, Time, Cost, and Prior Achievement.” Journal of Adult and Continuing Education.

Ilana VenturaSelena Zhong, et al. 2021. “HPV and Pap Testing among White, Black, and Hispanic women: Results from a Survey Study.” Discover Social Science and Health.

Joshua Borton, A. Rupa Datta, and Ilana Ventura. 2021. 2019 NSECE Snapshot: Parent Work Schedules in Households with Young Children. OPRE Report No. 2021-187, Washington, DC.

Zikui Wei. 2021. "Nationalism or Geopolitics: The Rise of Guerillas and Patterns of Military Conflict during the Expansion of the Ili Rebellion, 1944–46." Social Science History.

Robert Vargas, Chris Williams, Phillip O’Sullivan, and Christina Cano. 2021. “Capitalizing on a Crisis: Chicago Policy Responses to Homicide Waves, 1920-1916.” University of Chicago Law Review.

Yuchen Yang. 2021. “Gender Uncoupled: Asexual People Making Sense of High School Sex Talk.” Sexualities.