Applications for graduate study in the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago are due on December 5 and are submitted through the Division of the Social Sciences. In completing the application, students are to submit all the supporting documentation outlined in the online application. Below are particular guidelines for some of the materials requested.

  • A writing sample is required of all applicants. The writing sample should show your ability for further study in sociology, as well as your potential as a future sociological researcher. Writing samples that connect theoretical arguments with empirical research are particularly appropriate, such as a B.A. or M.A. thesis or a term paper from a class in the social sciences. See the Division of the Social Sciences website for more details. 

  • For applicants applying to begin their studies in 2025, a GRE score is required.

  • Letters of recommendation from three people who are familiar with your recent work and can comment on your potential for future success in sociology. Letters from social science faculty members are preferred. Letter writers should be able to speak to your recent work, such as thesis advisers and other faculty members familiar with your academic work.

  • We also ask for a candidate statement that shows a well-organized plan for graduate study. Strong written statements are those which show the academic questions you are interested in pursuing and how the department will be able to help you pursue these research questions. We are particularly impressed by statements that connect your research questions to research currently being done in the field of sociology.

  • Other materials requested are outlined in the online application.

As above, the deadline for application in Sociology is December 5. All documents required for your file should arrive by that date.

For more information and to start your application, see the Division of the Social Sciences website