Doctoral Student

B.A., Political Science and International Studies, UW-Madison

MSc., Politics of China, SOAS University of London

My intellectual interests focus on questions about law and social change under authoritarianism, particularly on Mainland China. My Master's thesis focuses on the civil environmental public interest litigations (CEPILs) activated under 2014 New Environment Protection Law. The project examines how “consensus-building” among political, judicial and social factors influences the emergence and subsequent development of environmental legal mobilization in China. My current research continues to explore divergent public interest litigations in China, in which I examine the different developmental trajectories between CEPILs and civil consumer public interest litigations (CCPILs).

Selected Publications

Xiangyi Ren & Lili Liu (2019): Building Consensus: Support Structure and the Frames of Environmental Legal Mobilization in China, Journal of Contemporary China, DOI:10.1080/10670564.2019.1621533.