Doctoral Student

MA, Social Sciences, University of Chicago

B.Phil, Psychology, Northwestern University

My sociological research interests broadly encompass three areas: gender/sexuality, urban studies, and culture. I want to explore how sociopolitical shifts manifest on the ground in urban settings, particularly in identity-driven spaces like ethnic or sexual enclaves. How do we observe and measure broad-scale sociocultural change in space and through institutions? How is this subjective change experienced and enacted by social actors as it is occurring? And, given the prominence of identity politics in the contemporary sociopolitical climate, how does this change interact with the policies of neoliberal urbanity, which harness (racial, ethnic, sexual) identity to generate novel sources of capital? My recent work has examined such contemporary transformations in the case of drag performance venues, and the ways in which such identity-driven spaces like these are constructed in the face of cultural contention and redefinition after both rights gains (like the legal right to marriage) and perceived challenges (like legislative restrictions on restroom access for transgender people).