Ralph Lewis Professor

Office: NORC 249
Phone: 773-256-6324

B.S. University of Tokyo, 1972
M.A. University of Chicago, 1979
Ph.D. University of Chicago, 1981


Kazuo Yamaguchi is the Ralph Lewis Professor. Yamaguchi is interested in statistical models for social data and mathematical models for social phenomena, life course, rational choice, exchange networks, stratification and mobility, demography of family and employment, process of drug use progression, and Japanese society. His current research focuses on models of exchange networks and the predictors of gender-role attitudes among American and Japanese women and men.

Selected Publications

"Mathematical Sociology and Empirical Social Research." In Sociological Theory and Methods 20: 137-156, 2005.

"On the True Relationship Between Female Labor-Force Participation and Fertility Rate: An Analysis of the OECD Countries and Its Policy Implications." In METI Journal2006(4): 58-61.

"Rationality of Tolerance: An Insight Into The Parent-Child Relationship." InRationality and Society (forthcoming).

"The declining fertility rate at the below-replacement level: determinants and countermeasures - the roles of husbands, workplaces, the government, and society,"Japanese Journal of Household Economics, 2005.

"Accelerated Failure-Time Mover-Stayer Regression Models for the Analysis of Last-Episode Date," Sociological Methodology, 2003.

"The Structural and Behavioral Characteristics of the Smallest-World Phenomenon: Minimum Distance Networks," Social Networks, 2002.

"Loglinear Sequence Analyses: Gender and Racial/Ethnic Differences in Drug Use Progression," Stages and Pathways of Drug Involvement: Examining the Gateway Hypothesis, Cambridge University Press, 2002.

"Gender-Role Attitudes of Married Women and Social Stratification: Commonality and Differences Between Japan and the United States," International Journal of Sociology, 2000.

"Power in Mixed Exchange Networks: A Rational-Choice Model," Social Networks, 2000.

"Rational-Choice Theories of Anticipatory Socialization and Anticipatory Nonsocialization." Rationality and Society 10: 163-99, 1998.

"Mover-Stayer Models for Analyzing Event Nonoccurrence and Event Timing with Time-Dependent Covariates: An Application to an Analysis of Remarriage." Sociological Methodology 28: 327-61, 1998.

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