Doctoral Student

BA, Mathematics, Cornell University

MA, Sociology, University of Chicago


Substantively, I’m interested in two main areas: contemporary “culture” broadly construed, and economic sociology. For the former, I’m specifically interested in how knowledge and science are generated as socially embedded processes and how institutional arrangements affect what “types” of knowledge and argument prevail or die off. For the latter, I’m mainly interested in to what extent problems like inequality and economic crises are “endemic” to contemporary liberal capitalism.  Methodologically, I use primarily mathematical, formal, network, computational and otherwise “quantitative” methods in combination with some more “qualitative,” hermeneutic, interactionist and textural methods. I also have a strong interest in the methodological underpinnings of social scientific inquiry and their epistemological viability, scope, and limits.


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Burchard, Jake, and Benjamin Cornwell. “Structural Holes and Bridging in Two-Mode Networks.” Social Networks, vol. 55, 2018, pp. 11–20.