Nicolás Torres-Echeverry
Nicolás Torres-Echeverry BA, Economics, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
LLB, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
JSM (Master of the Science of Law), Stanford Law School
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Political Sociology, Social Organizations, Social Theory, Urban Sociology

Doctoral Candidate (2018); Neubauer Distinguished Doctoral Fellow

Nicolás Torres-Echeverry is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Chicago's Sociology Department. His research and teaching interests intersect political sociology, war and peace, political organization, internet and society, sociology of culture, and urban sociology, with a regional focus on Latin America. His dissertation explores the political organization of the Colombian left amid coexisting realities of war and peace efforts in the past three decades. By employing a comparative study of four intermediate cities and the capital city, Bogotá, the dissertation argues that these coexisting contexts have molded the organizational landscape for the Colombian left. The dissertation seeks to make three contributions: first, it shows the importance of understanding the parallel dimensions of war and peace efforts, and not conflict and post-conflict as two separate domains; second, it argues for an intertwined exploration of the cultural implications and political organization within these war-and-peace contexts; third, it offers new lenses to understand the organizational space in such contexts, often viewed through the prisms of social movements and clientelism.

Recent Research / Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Torres-Echeverry, N. (2023). Social media, meet old politics: preservation and innovation in Colombian presidential elections, 2010–2018. Theory and Society (52): 425–461.

Torres-Echeverry, N. (2018) Gaitania: el orden paralelo en lo rural. In García-Villegas M and Revelo-Rebolledo J (ed.) El Estado en la periferia.

Metaxa, D., & Torres-Echeverry, N. (2017). Google's role in spreading fake news and misinformation. Available at SSRN 3062984.

García, M., Torres-Echeverry, N., Revelo, J., Espinosa, J. R., & Duarte, N. (2016). Los territorios de la paz: la construcción del Estado local en Colombia. Dejusticia.