Maurice Bokanga
Maurice Bokanga B.A., Sociology, Wheaton College
M.A., Sociology, University of Chicago
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Computational Methods, Culture, Economic Sociology, Mathematical Sociology, Quantitative Methodology, Social Theory, Social Psychology

Doctoral Candidate (2017)

Maurice studies prosocial behavior from a structural social psychology perspective. He is interested in how social structures and cultural processes shape people’s interests and dispositions, and the consequences of this for trust and cooperation in society. He uses quantitative and computational methods, and formal mathematical models, to address these questions.

Recent Research / Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Bokanga, Maurice, Benjamin Rohr, and John Levi Martin. Forthcoming. “Economic Networks and Political Culture.” In Handbook of Culture and Social Network Analysis, edited by Nick Crossley and Paul Widdop. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Bokanga, Maurice, Alessandra Lembo, and John Levi Martin. Forthcoming. “Through a Scanner Darkly: Machine Sentience and the Language Virus.” Journal of Social Computing.