Doctoral Candidate

MA, Sociology, University of Chicago
BA, Sociology, Reed College

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Interests: Social Mobility, Inequality, Stratification, Organizations, Culture, Education, Urban Sociology, Theory, and Qualitative Methods

Melissa Osborne is a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Chicago. Her research focuses on social mobility and inequality across different contexts. Her dissertation explores how low-income and first-generation students across the United States navigate social mobility during college. Read more about her disseration here


Selected Publications:

Melissa Osborne. 2018. “Who Gets ‘Housing First’?: Eligibility Determination in an Era of Housing First Homelessness.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.

Anna Mueller, Tania Jenkins, Melissa Osborne, Arjun Dayal, Daniel O’Conner, and Vineet Arora. 2017. “Gender Differences in Attending Physicians' Feedback for Residents in an Emergency Medical Residency Program: A Qualitative Analysis.” Journal of Graduate Medical Education. 9(5): 577-585.

Anna Mueller, Seth Abrutyn, and Melissa Osborne. 2017. “Durkheim’s “Suicide” in the Zombie Apocalypse.” Contexts. 16(2):44-49.

Forrest Stuart, Amada Armenta, and Melissa Osborne. 2015. "Legal Control of Marginal Groups." Annual Review of Law and Social Science. 11:235-254.