Associate Professor

Office: Social Sciences 425
Phone: 773-834-1411

B.A. Business Administration. Yonsei University. 1996.
M.A. Sociology. Yonsei University. 1998
M.A. Sociology. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 2002.
Ph.D. Sociology. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 2005.

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Cheol-Sung Lee's research interests lie in the sociology of the welfare state and civil society. His recent research has focused upon the evolution and transformation of modern welfare states, especially how they are shaped by social forces and how they shape stratification outcomes. In particular, his research explores how elites and citizens in modern capitalist economies organize and mobilize themselves within and outside state institutions, and how such activities affect the introduction and implementation of state policies as well as distributional consequences. 

Professor Lee is currently the associate editor of the American Journal of Sociology.

Selected Publications

Akchurin, Mary and Cheol-Sung Lee.* 2013 "Pathways to Women's Empowerment: Repertoires of Women's Activism and Gender Earnings Equality in Comparative Perspective." American Sociological Review 78: 679-701.

Lee, Cheol-Sung. 2013. "Welfare States and Social Trust." Comparative Political Studies 46:603-630.

Lee, Cheol-Sung. 2012 "Associational Networks and Welfare States in Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, and Taiwan." World Politics 64: 507-554. 
     Received Outstanding Article Award in 2013 ASA Sociology of Development Section 
     Received Honorable Mention in 2013 ASA Political Sociology Section 
     Received Honorable Mention in 2013 ASA Labor and Labor Movements Section

Lee, Cheol-Sung, Young-Beom Kim, and Jae-Mahn Shim. 2011."The Limit of Equality Projects: Public Sector Expansion, Sectoral Conflicts, and Income Inequality in Post-Industrial Democracies." American Sociological Review 76: 100-124. 
     Received Outstanding Article Award in 2012 ASA Inequality, Poverty and Mobility Session

Lee, Cheol-Sung and Andrew Schrank.* 2010. "Incubating Innovation or Cultivating Corruption? The Developmental State and the Life Sciences in Asia." Social Forces 88: 1231-1258. 
     Featured in Science in 2011

Lee, Cheol-Sung. 2007. "Labor Unions and Good Governance: A Cross-National, Comparative Study." American Sociological Review 72: 585-609.

Lee, Cheol-Sung, François Nielsen, and Arthur Alderson. 2007. "Income Inequality, Global Economy, and the State." Social Forces 86: 77-112.

Lee, Cheol-Sung. 2007. "Why Do Some Employees Support Welfare States More than Others?: Skill Profiles and Social Policy Preferences in the United States" Social Science Research 36: 688-718.

Lee, Cheol-Sung. 2005. "International Migration, Deindustrialization, and Union Decline in 16 Affluent OECD Countries, 1962-1997." Social Forces 84: 71-88.

Lee, Cheol-Sung. 2005. "Income Inequality, Democracy, and Public Sector Size." American Sociological Review 70: 158-181.

* Order of authorship is alphabetical to denote equal contribution