Anna Berg
Anna Berg B.A., Political Science, Freie Universitaet Berlin
M.A., Sociology, EHESS, Paris
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Comparative/Historical/ Macro Sociology, Culture, Political Sociology, Qualitative Methodology, Sociology of Religion, Social Studies of Knowledge, Social Theory

Doctoral Candidate (2017)

Dissertation Title: DIY and Dissidence: How online countermedia produce new political subjectivities

Committee: Andreas Glaeser (chair), Lis Clemens, Marco Garrido, Susan Gal (Anthropology)

In my research, I employ qualitative methods to investigate the interconnections between culture, new media, and politics. My dissertation explores how engagement with alternative online news infrastructures configures participation in contemporary populist mobilizations in Germany. Over an extensive period of two and a half years, I observed activists navigating successive political mobilizations, including anti-refugee campaigns, anti-lockdown protests, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The dissertation posits that activists, in their interactions with these online media sources, adopt distinctive epistemic styles that play a pivotal role in determining how activists assimilate information and subsequently choose to engage, opt out, or refrain from involvement in a particular instance of mobilization. In other projects, I have explored how evolving relationships with expertise have prompted changing responses by the German center-right to the emergence of far-right political parties post-1945, as well as the role of secularism in shaping attitudes toward Muslim minorities in France and Germany.

Recent Research / Recent Publications

Selected Publications

Berg, A. (2023). Feeling misinformation: contours of information enthusiasm. Emotions and Society, 5(3), 315-331.

Berg, A. (2023). Anti-COVID = Anti-science? How protesters against COVID-19 measures appropriate science to navigate the information environment. New Media & Society, 0(0).

Berg, A. (2022). Electoral Strategy or Historical Legacy? The CDU’s Reactions to Far-Right Parties in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1964–1990. Social Science History, 46(3), 531-554.

Berg, A. L. (2019). From religious to secular place-making: How does the secular matter for religious place construction in the local? Social Compass, 66(1), 35-48.

Ural, N. Yasemin & Berg, Anna Lea (2019). From religious emotions to affects: historical and theoretical reflections on injury to feeling, self and religion. Culture and Religion, 20 (2), 207-223.