Doctoral Student

MA, Sociology, University of Chicago
LLB (Law), Tel-Aviv University
BA, Sociology, Tel-Aviv University


My work considers the normative arrangements and shared understandings - whether political-legal or cultural and moral - that underlie economic activities and the operation of markets. My research interests span economic sociology, historical-comparative sociology, cultural sociology and sociology of law. I am also interested in social - and sociological - theory. My M.A. thesis (at Tel-Aviv University) examined how the Israeli legal system interpreted retrospectively a large-scale market manipulation conducted by the major banks in Israel that shocked the Israeli economy in the 1980s, as the country was undergoing deep changes in its macroeconomic policy. I showed that via handling this case, the legal system helped mark the political-economic transition by instituting new normative understandings of the appropriate functioning of financial markets, and at the same time by framing the banks’ actions as pertaining to a previous political-economic regime that belonged to the past. My current research, including my proposed dissertation project, explores how American consumer confidence was manufactured and institutionalized during the economic shifts of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. As part of this broader project, I focus in a smaller-scale research project on the emergent American advertising industry in the early decades of the twentieth century, and the ways that advertisers organized themselves around the ethical principle of “Truth in Advertising” to create a distinct business community with shared moral values and guidelines for legitimate economic practices. 

Master's Title:

"Manipulating Justice: Transitional Justice in Transformation of Political-Economic Regime - Israel's Market Manipulation and Bankers' Trial (1983-1996)

Selected Publications:

Ron-El, Yaniv, 2015. “Brothers and Others - On Four Logics Guiding the Israeli Relationship to Foreigners”, Between Overseen and Transparent: The Relationship to the Other in Israeli Society (Efrat Shoham and Shlomi Doron, eds., published by Ashkelon Academic College). [Hebrew]

Ron-El, Yaniv. 2010. "The Limits of Reproductive Freedom from a Liberal Perspective: The Case of Sex-Selection", Tel Aviv University Law Review 32[2]: 391-480 [Hebrew] 

Ron-El, Yaniv. 2013. Review of Georg Simmel, The View Of Life (Donald N. Levine, ed., John A. Y. Andrews and Levine, trans. to English), and of Georg Simmel, How Society is Possible? (Amos Morris-Reich ed., Miriam Krauss trans. to Hebrew, Tel Aviv: Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2012). Israeli Sociology 15(1): 207-212 [Hebrew]