Doctoral Candidate

M.Sc., Criminal Justice Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science
Graduate Certificate, Johns Hopkins SAIS, Richard U. Light Fellowship
B.S. Cum Laude, Psychology, Yale University


During the course of my academic trajectory, I have conducted international research in the social sciences. My current dissertation work in health and demography examines older adult health in intergenerational households using longitudinal datasets, comparing U.K. and Korean populations (ELSA and KLoSA), as well as two cohorts in the U.S. (NSHAP). As a Global Health Fellow (Pritzker School of Medicine) in 2016, I created an original survey to evaluate the quality of life of medical residents at Wuhan University’s teaching hospitals in Wuhan, China, and presented this paper at ASA 2019 (Health Policy Section). Especially given the current global crisis, I would enjoy working in an environment where people of different cultures and backgrounds embody the spirit of collaboration.Publications

Conference Paper, ASA 2019 (Regular Session, Health Policy): White Coat Labor: Social Determinants of Health and Happiness for Residents in China.

Tong, Winnie. 2014. Analysis of Corruption from Sociocultural Perspectives. International Journal of Business and Social Science: Vol. 5, No. 11(1)