Doctoral Candidate


Selected Publications:

Johnson, Whitney. 2017. "Weird Music: Tension and Reconciliation in Cultural-Economic Knowledge." Cultural Sociology 11(1): 44-59.

My dissertation, "Learning to Listen: Knowledge of Value in Auditory Culture," engages in a sociological analysis of hearing and listening. The empirical context of the study is the field of auditory culture, particularly the adjacent subfields of art music and sound art. Though the first is a vast sonic world including classical performance, free jazz, avant-garde composition, and experimental electronic music, the latter is a quickly emerging yet small subfield of the gallery arts, where sound is used as both a medium and a concept for artistic practice and exhibition. Four years of ethnographic fieldwork in Chicago, New York City, and Berlin, with ongoing volunteer work at two field sites, and 104 semi-structured interviews among artists, musicians, curators, gallerists, talent buyers, non-profit administrators, and scholars compose the qualitative dataset for this study of aesthetic production, understanding, and value.