Doctoral Candidate

BA, Economics, Amherst College

MPhil, Economic and Social History, Cambridge University

MA, Sociology, University of Chicago



My research uses multiple methods to explore how social contexts shape American political behavior. I take up one piece of this relationship in my dissertation, which asks how place shapes Americans’ partisanship through a comparative and longitudinal study of three Midwestern communities during the 2020 presidential cycle. This research is supported by the National Science Foundation and the Social Science Research Council.


Ternullo, Stephanie. “The Electoral Effects of Social Policy: Expanding Old-Age Assistance,  1932-1940.” Forthcoming from The Journal of Politics.

Ternullo, Stephanie. 2020. “Americans want to trust the experts on the coronavirus. That isn’t easy.” Washington Post’s "Monkey Cage."

Ternullo, Stephanie. 2021. “Conservatives don’t want a bigger social safety net. But they do want to care for the needy.” Washington Post’s "Monkey Cage."