Doctoral Candidate

MA, Sociology, University of Chicago

MA, Development Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Tentatively titled ""Unruly Citizens": an ethnography of driving in Hyderabad, India", my dissertation is a phenomenological exploration of driving in modern India. I use driving as a window to examine the relationship citizens have to regulatory authority, such as traffic policemen. I use a microsociological approach to understanding how practical knowledge and "expert systems" interact and produce understandings of risk, safety, and pleasure on the road.

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Selected Publications

2017. “Consuming Wellness, Producing Difference: the case of a wellness center in India” Journal of Consumer Culture, OnlineFirst (published online)

2015. Religious Nationalism in a Global Age: The Case of Hindu Nationalism. Journal of Developing Societies, Vol. 31 No. 1: 125-146.

Annavarapu, Sneha (2013) Honor Killings, Human Rights and the Law in India: the scope for a ‘right to have rights’ Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XLVIII, No. 50: 129-132