Institute of Education Sciences Pre-Doctoral Fellow
Doctoral Candidate

BA, Public Policy, University of Chicago

MA, Sociology, University of Chicago



My research focuses on high school students in and around Chicago. I am especially interested in youths' strategies for navigating the structures of schooling. I am currently conducting ethnographic fieldwork in a high school in the near south suburbs of Chicago. My dissertation is a 3-year study of Hamilton High School, in which I follow students, teachers, and school staff from before the pandemic through the return to in-person schooling in the 2021-2022 academic year.


Gorski, K. J. (2020). “My Voice Matters”: High School Debaters’ Acquisition of Dominant and Adaptive Cultural Capital. American Journal of Education 126(2), 293-321.

Gorski, K. J. (March 2021). In School for After School: The Relationship Between Extracurricular Participation and School Engagement. In Sociological Forum 36(1): 248-270.