Doctoral Candidate

Jacob K. Javits Fellow
University of Chicago Urban Doctoral Fellow
MA, Sociology, University of Chicago
MA, Social Sciences, University of Chicago
BA, History, The George Washington University


Jeffrey Parker is a Ph.D student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago. He studies the intersection of gentrification, business interests, and reputation in cities, focusing especially on merchants as pivotal stakeholders in changing neighborhoods. Motivated to better understand how people balance financial and identity-based interests in their communities, his research has focused on the the circumstances in which business-owners and -managers come to either embrace or repudiate gentrification in their own neighborhoods and the ways they attempt to manage those neighborhoods' reputations.

Master's Title:

Negotiating the space between avant-garde and “hip enough”: businesses and commercial gentrification in Wicker Park

Selected Publications:

Parker, Jeffrey Nathaniel. Forthcoming. “Broken Windows as Growth Machines: Who Benefits from Urban Disorder and Crime?” City & Community.


Parker, Jeffrey Nathaniel. 2018. “Negotiating the space between avant-garde and ‘hip enough’: businesses and commercial gentrification in Wicker Park.” City & Community.  17: 438-460. doi:10.1111/cico.12294

Brown-Saracino, Japonica and Jeffrey Nathaniel Parker. 2017. “‘What is up with my sisters? Where are you?’ The Origins and Consequences of Lesbian-Friendly Place Reputations for LBQ Migrants.” Sexualities. 20(7): pp. 835 – 874.

Parker, Jeffrey Nathaniel. 2013. “‘A piece of art is not a loaf of bread’: Indie Rock’s Challenge to Commodification.” Pp. 241-251 in Music Sociology: Examining the Role of Music in Social Life, edited by Sara Towe Horsfall, Jan-Martijn Meij, and Meghan D. Probstfield. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers.