Doctoral Candidate

MA, Social Sciences, University of Chicago

MA, Sociology, University of Chicago

BA, Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies, Applachian State University

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I use computational methods to study the ways in which people create effective organizations, equitable markets, and meaningful social identities. In my dissertation, I use non-participant observation, interviews, and scraped server data to understand how one charter school tries to become effective. In a second line of research, I use machine learning and natural language processing to measure attributes like gender, ethnicity, and political ideology in unstructured data in order to study how people with these identities are treated in digital markets, whether crowdfunding, crowdwork, or online retail. Finally, I manage the Volunteer Science research platform where I help build games, extensions, and other web applications for social research.

Master's Title:

A Neo-Institutionalistic View of Social Movement Influence:The Case of the Student Anti-Sweatshop Movement

Selected Publications:

Radford, Jason, Andy Pilny, Ashley Reichelman, Brian Keegan, Brooke Foucault Welles, Jefferson Hoye, Katherine Ognyanova, Waleed Meleis, David Lazer. 2016. “Volunteer Science: An Online Laboratory for Experiments in Social Psychology.” Social Psychology Quarterly. 79(4): 376-396.

Lazer, David and Jason Radford. 2017. “Data ex Machina: An Introduction to Big Data.” Annual Review of Sociology.