Doctoral Candidate

BA, Economics, Seoul National University, South Korea

MA, Sociology, Seoul National University, South Korea

MA, Sociology, University of Chicago



My research interests include sociology of education, social change, historical sociology and globalization. My dissertation explores the shifting nature of Korean students’ decisions about studying in the United States for my dissertation project. Through a comparative-historical analysis of the study abroad phenomenon since the mid-20th century, I attempt to figure out how the American educational credential has operated as a mechanism of social closure in Korea, and how the mechanism has changed through the (inter)national social changes.


Kwi Byung Kwak, Dae-Wook Kim and Hong Jin Jo. 2018. “How Do People Evaluate the Human Rights?: Focusing on National-Level Variables, SES, Discrimination, Democracy, and Political Participation” (in Korean). Korean Journal of Sociology 52(1): 117-151.