Doctoral Student

MA, Sociology, University of Chicago
MA, Asia Pacific Studies, University of San Francisco
Laurea (BA), Languages and Economic and Juridical Institutions of East Asia, Ca' Foscari University


Selected Publications

Kidd, Dorothy, and Caterina Fugazzola. 2013. “Contentious Politics and Workers’ Communication: A Comparison of China and South Korea.” International Journal of Mleague Symposium: Global Media Worlds and China

Fugazzola, Caterina, Kirby Hutton, and Sabrina Fei Liang. 2011. “Analyzing the potential for revolution in China: A comparison between Egypt and China.” International Affairs Review (USF)

Kidd, Dorothy, with Caterina Fugazzola. 2011. "Dreaming Joe Hill: Insurgent Communications in Contests over Our Common Resources" in David Leadbeater (ed) Resources, Empire and Labour (forthcoming)