Doctoral Candidate

MA, Sociology, University of Chicago
MA, Asia Pacific Studies, University of San Francisco
Laurea (BA), Languages and Economic and Juridical Institutions of East Asia, Ca' Foscari University


Caterina Fugazzola is a PhD Candidate in Sociology. Her general interests include social movements, gender and sexuality studies, sociolinguistics, and qualitative research methods. Cate’s doctoral work focuses on the tactical use of language in the context of social movements, and on the impact and strategic relevance of culture in the creation and diffusion of contentious discourses. Her dissertation project centers on LGBT organizing in China, and particularly on the dynamic interactions of discourse, culture, and strategy in processes and conceptualizations of social change.

Selected Publications

Dorothy Kidd and Caterina Fugazzola. “Contentious Politics and Workers’ Communication: A Comparison of China and South Korea.” 政治争论及工人传播:中国与韩国之比较 Global Media Worlds and China (Communication University of China, ICUC International Series, 2015) Caterina Fugazzola and Christopher Moreman. “Shugendō and The Shining: Liminal Space and Religious Experience in the Work of Stanley Kubrick.” Symposia 6 (2014) Dorothy Kidd with Caterina Fugazzola. “Dreaming Joe Hill: Insurgent Communications in Contests over Our Common Resources” in David Leadbeater (ed) Resources, Empire and Labour: Crisis, Lessons & Alternatives (Fernwood Publishing, 2014)