Doctoral Candidate

BA, Philosophy, University of Leipzig

MA, Sociology, University of Mannheim

MA, Sociology, Univeristy of Chicago


My work uses quantitative and computational methods to study elite political action. My dissertation, which draws on new data on elites’ social networks and political careers, examines the relationship between state formation and the emergence of the first political parties in America between 1777 and 1820.


Padgett, John F., Katalin Prajda, Benjamin Rohr, and Jonathan Schoots. 2020. "Political Discussion and Debate in Narrative Time: The Florentine Consulte e Pratiche, 1376-1378." Poetics 78.

Schoots, Jonathan, Benjamin Rohr, Katalin Prajda, and John F. Padgett. 2020. "Political Conflict and Revolt in Generational Time: The Florentine Consulte e Pratiche and Ciompi Revolt, 1376-1378." Poetics 78.