Fulbright Foreign Student Fellow
Doctoral Student

BA, Sociology, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

MA, Sociology, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

MA, Sociology, University of Chicago

My research interests include sociology of health, life-course, comparative public policy, public opinion, attitudes towards inequality and research methods. I seek to understand the effects of institutional arrangements over individual outcomes. In particular, I am interested in observing how health systems and other policy areas may affect health disparities across the life-course. I am also interested in understanding people’s attitudes towards social policy in general, and health care systems in particular.


Selected Publications:

Maldonado, Luis; Olivos, Francisco; Castillo, Juan Carlos; Atria, Jorge; Azar, Ariel. 2019. “Risk Exposure, Humanitarianism and Willingness to Pay for Universal Healthcare: A Cross-National Analysis of 28 Countries.” Social Justice Research, 32(3), pp. 349-83.

Castillo, Juan Carlos; Olivos, Francisco; Azar, Ariel. 2019. “Deserving a Just Pension: A Factorial Survey Approach.” Social Science Quarterly, 100(1), pp. 359-78.

Azar, Ariel; Staudinger, Ursula M; Slachevsky, Andrea; Madero-Cabib, Ignacio & Esteban Calvo. 2018. “From Snapshots to Movies: The Association Between Retirement Sequences and Aging Trajectories in Limitations to Perform Activities of Daily Living.” Journal of Aging and Health, 0898264318782096.

Azar, Ariel; Franetovic, Gonzalo; Martinez, Matías & Humberto Santos. 2015. “Individual, Social and environmental determinants of adolescent overweight and obesity in Chile.” Revista Médica de Chile, 143(5), pp. 598-605.