The department welcomes visitors to Chicago. Every year scholars from around the world visit the department, some to give talks, some to collaborate with our faculty, and some to work on the history of sociology at Chicago.

Post doctoral scholars interested in visiting the department for a specific research purpose should contact a faculty member interested in that area or the chair. Acceptance as a Visiting Scholar confers basic university privileges such as library access, email access, etc, but the department does not at present have office space for Visiting Scholars.

Scholars working on the history of sociology at Chicago should contact Professor Abbott, who has worked in that area extensively. It is important also to contact Special Collections to find out what manuscript materials are available and under what condition.

Prospective students and of course our alumni are always welcome to the Department. We are located on the third floor of the Social Science Research Building at 1126 East 59th Street.

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Campus Tours: Those interested in undergraduate studies should contact the College Admission office regarding tour schedules. Those interested in Ph.D. studies should visit the Graduate Admissions website to schedule a tour. 

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