Chicago has long served as a site for urban sociological research central to the discipline. Indeed the "Chicago School" of urban sociology provides a grand tradition. It is also, however, a tradition that remains very much alive in transformative ways. Currently, a core group of sociology faculty members at the University of Chicago are engaged in research projects that are reinventing the classic concept of community study by placing local community, city, and global processes on a new theoretical foundation and recognizing the ways in which metropolitan life has been transformed. Although in different substantive areas (e.g., criminology, urban development, political sociology, globalization), the following cluster of faculty is focused on studies of the complex region of Chicago and its extra-local connections.


Terry Clark

Marco Garrido

Omar McRoberts

Stephen Raudenbush

Forrest Stuart

Richard Taub

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These and other projects provide both students and faculty the opportunity to engage with cutting edge research in urban sociology. A key vehicle for the presentation of ongoing research is the Urban Workshop organized by graduate students in the sociology departmern. Students should also note the work of the Race, Politics and Culture Center– including the work of Michael Dawson, who is a recent returnee to the Political Science Department, and the work of Micere Keels, a recent appointee in the Department of Comparative Human Development who works on African-American youth in the suburbs of Chicago.

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