Recent Graduate Student Journal Articles

Melissa Osborne. 2018. “Who Gets ‘Housing First’?: Eligibility Determination in an Era of Housing First Homelessness.Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.

Anna Mueller, Tania Jenkins, Melissa Osborne, Arjun Dayal, Daniel O’Conner, and Vineet Arora. 2017. “Gender Differences in Attending Physicians' Feedback for Residents in an Emergency Medical Residency Program: A Qualitative Analysis.” Journal of Graduate Medical Education. Vol. 9, No. 5, pp. 577-585

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Dorothy Kidd with Caterina Fugazzola. 2014.  “Dreaming Joe Hill: Insurgent Communications in Contests over Our Common Resources” in David Leadbeater (ed) Resources, Empire and Labour: Crisis, Lessons & Alternatives (Fernwood Publishing).

Recent Faculty Books

Levi Martin, John. 2017. Thinking Through Methods: A Social Science Primer. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

McGhee Hassrick, Stephen Raudenbush, and Lisa Rosen. 2017. The Ambitious Elementary School: Its Conception, Design, and Contribution to Educational Equality. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 

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Abbott, Andrew. 2014. Digital / Paper : A Manual for Research and Writing with Library and Internet Materials. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Anselin, Luc. and Sergio Rey. 2014. Modern Spatial Econometrics in Practice, A Guide to GeoDa, GeoDaSpace and PySAL. Chicago: GeoDa Press.

Clark, Terry N. 2014. Can Tocqueville Karaoke?: Global Contrasts in Citizen Participation, the Arts and Development. Emerald Group Publishing.