Faculty in the department offer courses and publish in a wide range of areas within political sociology including urban politics, social movements, state-formation, revolutions, and cross-national patterns of social policy and policy outcomes. The Workshop on Politics and Social Change provides a common forum for graduate students and faculty interested in political sociology and opportunities for graduate students to present their own work as well as to invite scholars from other universities to discuss their work in progress. In addition to the offerings within the department, graduate students can take advantage of the many courses and workshops available within the Social Sciences Division, the Harris School of Public Policy, and the School of Social Service Administration.


Terry Nichols Clark

Elisabeth Clemens

Marco Garrido

Omar McRoberts

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Elisabeth Clemens

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Graduate students interested in political sociology often work closely with members of other departments, including Anthropology, Political Science, and Public Policy. For further details on some of these research programs and that of closely related faculty in other departments see the following web pages:

Center on Race, Politics, and Culture

Cultural Policy Center (U of C)

Harris School of Public Policy

Interdisciplinary Approaches to American Political History

Politics and Social Change Workshop