The Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago has a rich group of faculty members who provide graduate training and conduct research in methods and models for sociological research. These methods can be divided roughly into four categories: Field and ethnographic methods; statistical methods; survey and related methods; and mathematical modeling methods. Faculty members in this area present their ongoing work on these subjects in workshops devoted to the substantive questions that these methods and models address. These workshops foster interdisciplinary cooperation between sociologists and other researchers from across the entire University, including, for example, these in other social science departments, the Graduate School of Business, the School of Health Studies, the Graduate School of Public Policy, and the Department of Statistics.


Andrew Abbott

Stephen Raudenbush

Ross Stolzenberg

Forrest Stuart

Kazuo Yamaguchi

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Kazuo Yamaguchi

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Other faculty members, especially Edward O. Laumann, have long been interested in the methods/models for the analysis of social network data. Laumann applies social-network analysis in his research in community elites and professional groups and, more recently, in his research in human sexual behavior.

The Survey Lab runs small social surveys, teaches courses in survey methods, and provides on-the-job training for students wanting additional income and experience ( It supplements the much larger enterprise under the NORC (national opnion research center) umbrella ( This umbrella embraces the General Social Survey (, a major social science resource that is housed locally.