Maryam Alemzadeh

Junior Research Fellow at Brandeis University 

Dissertation Title: Institutionalizing a Revolutionary Army: The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, 1979-82

Research Interests: Comparative-Historical Sociology, Culture, State-building, Revolutionary Armies, Religion, Social Movements, the Middle East 

Dissertation Committee: Andreas Glaeser (chair), John Levi Martin, Charles Kurzman (UNC), Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi (Princeton)


Alexandra Brewer

Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Title: The Deserving Pain: How Clinicians Arbitrate Credibility and Merit in the Midst of the Opioid Crisis

Research Interests: Medical Sociology, Work, Organizations, Occupations, Gender, Race, Class, Medical Education

Dissertation Committee: Anna Mueller (co-chair), Kristen Schilt (co-chair), Robert Vargas

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Jerel Ezell_1.jpg

Jerel Ezell

Ph.D. Candidate
Fulbright Scholar

Dissertation Title: History or Histrionics: A Mixed Methods Examination of Planning, Power, and Penalty during the Flint Water Crisis

Research Interests: Health and Medicine, Culture, Urban Sociology, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Social Change, Mixed Methods

Dissertation Committee: Kristen Schilt (chair), Anna Mueller, Bruce Link (UC Riverside), Chris Muller (Berkeley)

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Caterina Fugazzola

MAPSS Postdoctoral Fellow

Dissertation Title: What’s in a Name? Language, Culture, and Tongzhi Strategies for Social Change

Research Interests: Social Movements, Gender and Sexuality, Transnational Sociology, Social Change, Culture, East Asia, Qualitative Methods

Dissertation Committee: Elisabeth Clemens (chair), Kristen Schilt, Dingxin Zhao

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Nathaniel J. Gonzalez

Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Title: Preventing Riots: Community Collaboration during Buddhist-Muslim Violence in Myanmar

Research Interests: Political Sociology, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Violence

Dissertation Committee: Kimberly Kay Hoang (chair), Marco Garrido, Elisabeth Clemens, Dan Slater (Michigan)

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Cayce C. Hughes

Postdoctoral Fellow at Rice University

Book Title: Privacy, Poverty, and Punishment: How Surveillance in the Social Safety Net Penalizes Poor Black Mothers (under contract with University of California Press) 

Research Interests: Urban Poverty, Social Inequalities, Privacy and Surveillance, Health

Dissertation Committee: Kristen Schilt (co-chair), Mario Small (co-chair, Harvard), Kimberly Kay Hoang, Forrest Stuart

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Whitney Johnson

Lecturer in the Social Sciences

Dissertation Title: Learning to Listen: Knowledge of Value in Auditory Culture

Research Interests: Culture, Theory, Gender, Economic Sociology, Qualitative Methods 

Dissertation Committee: Karin Knorr Cetina (chair), Andrew Abbott, Gary Alan Fine (Northwestern)

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Nick Judd

Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Title: Donors, Factions, Parties: Intraparty Conflict and Campaign Finance in American Democracy

Research Interests: Computational Methods, Culture, Political Sociology, Quantitative Methodology, Social Change, Media Sociology

Dissertation Committee: John Levi Martin (chair), Elisabeth Clemens, John Mark Hansen

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Mishal Khan

Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Title: Empire, Law, and Order Making after Abolition: A History of Three Laboring Figures in India

Research Interests: Comparative/ Historical/Macro Sociology, Political Sociology, Qualitative Methodology, Social Change, South Asia, Sociology of Empire, Global Sociology

Dissertation Committee: Elisabeth S. Clemens (chair), Marco Garrido, Johanna Ransmeier, Mitra Sharafi (Wisconsin)

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Danya Lagos

Postdoctoral Fellow at UT Austin

Dissertation Title: Embodiment, Identity, and Gender Regimes in the United States: Findings From Population Surveys

Research Interests: Sex and Gender, Demography, Survey Methodology, Health

Dissertation Committee: Kristen Schilt (co-chair), Jenny Trinitapoli (co-chair), Bridget Gorman (Rice University), Anna Mueller

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Linzhuo Li

Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Title: The Power of "Hot-styles": Fashion Production in Chinese Children's Apparel Market

Research Interests: Cultural Markets, Production of Culture, Economic and Ideology Systems, Political Economy, Computational Methods for Content Analysis and Knowledge Generation 

Dissertation Committee: Dingxin Zhao (chair), Karin Knorr Cetina, Xi Song

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Joshua Gary Mausolf

Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Title: Enter the Partisan Firm: How Affective Polarization Shapes Corporation and Career

Research Interests: Computational Methods, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Quantitative Methodology, Social Organizations, Stratification, Work/Occupations

Dissertation Committee: James Evans (chair), Elisabeth Clemens, Amanda Sharkey

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Jane 1_5.jpg

Jane McCamant

Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Title: The Role of Religion in Education for Democracy: the Case of Cold War Chicago and Roman Catholicism

Research Interests: Comparative/ Historical/Macro Sociology, Culture, Qualitative Methodology, Sociology of Religion, Social Organizations, Social Studies of Knowledge, Social Theory, Work/Occupations

Dissertation Committee: Andrew Abbott (chair), Andreas Glaeser, Jenny Trinitapoli, Michael Rossi

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Rick Moore

Postdoctoral Associate at Cornell University

Dissertation Title: Atheists and Evangelicals: Creating the Category of Religion in American Life

Research Interests: Culture, Cognition, Religion, Secularism, Research Methods and Active Learning Methodologies

Dissertation Committee: John Levi Martin (chair), Andrew Abbott, Courtney Bender (Columbia), Omar McRoberts

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Sarah Outland

Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Title: The Connected Classroom: Juggling Technology, Distractions, and Expectations in High School

Research Interests: Children and Youth, Gender, Social Media, Education, Work/Organizations, Ethnography/Interviews

Dissertation Committee: Kristen Schilt (Chair), Anna Mueller, Forrest Stuart

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Alicia Riley

Postdoctoral Fellow at UC San Francisco

Dissertation Title: The Social Production of Health Inequalities Across Local Contexts

Research Interests: Population Health, Inequality and Stratification, Race and Racism, Social Policy, Demography, Medical Sociology, Urban Sociology, Quantitative Methods

Dissertation Committee: Linda Waite (co-chair), John Levi Martin (co-chair), Diane Lauderdale  

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Christopher George Takacs

Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Title: Cultural Capital Development Among Elite Undergraduates

Research Interests: Higher Education, Culture, Social Capital, Inequality, Qualitative Methods

Dissertation Committee: Andrew Abbott (chair), Edward Laumann, Kristen Schilt

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Brian Tuohy

Postdoctoral Fellow at UCLA

Dissertation Title: Mexican Chicago: Modes of Incorporation in a Mexican-American Network

Research Interests: Immigration, Medical Sociology, Qualitative Methods, Urban Sociology

Dissertation Committee: Richard Taub (co-chair), Omar McRoberts (co-chair), Kathleen Cagney, Marco Garrido  

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Jessica Carmen Villaseñor

Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Title: "Quiero Vivir en mi Fantasía": The Social World of Youth in Street Situations in Mexico City

Research Interests: Qualitative Methodology, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Stratification, Urban Sociology

Dissertation Committee: Omar McRoberts (co-chair), Marco Garrido (co-chair), Jenny Trinitapoli, Yanilda Gonzalez

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