Pedro (Pete) Aceves

Dissertation Title: The Linguistic Relativity of Collective Cognition and Group Performance

Dissertation Committee: James Evans (chair), John Levi Martin, Amanda Sharkey, Sameer Srivastava

Research Interests: Economic sociology, organization theory, social valuation, collective cognition, sociology of language, conceptual spaces, structure of knowledge and expertise, creativity, decision-making, financial markets, entrepreneurship

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Maria Akchurin

Dissertation Title: The Politics of Water: Privatizing Water and Sanitation Utilities in Argentina and Chile

Dissertation Committee: Elisabeth Clemens (Chair), Andrew Abbott, Cheol-Sung Lee, and Tianna Paschel

Research Interests: Political Sociology/Social Movements, Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Development, Comparative/Global Sociology

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Maryam Alemzadeh

Dissertation Title: Institutionalization of a Revolutionary Army: The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in the Iran-Iraq War

Committee: Andreas Glaeser (Chair), John Levi Martin, Charles Kurzman (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Research Interests:  comparative-historical sociology, culture, social movements, state-building, revolutionary militias, religion, and the Middle East.

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Chad Borkenhagen

Dissertation Title: Evidence-based creativity: Knowledge and social structure in the culinary science and mathematical finance.

Dissertation Committee: John Levi Martin (chair), James Evans, Karin Knorr-Cetina

Research Interests: Organizations, culture, knowledge, creativity, networks, computational methods

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Whitney Johnson

Dissertation Title: Learning to Listen: Knowledge of Value in Auditory Culture

Dissertation Committee: Karin Knorr-Cetina (chair), Andrew Abbott, Gary Alan Fine

Research Interests: Culture, Economy, Theory, Gender, Qualitative Methods

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Rick Moore

Dissertation Title: Atheists and Evangelicals: Creating the category of religion in American life.

Dissertation Committee: John Levi Martin (Chair), Andrew Abbott, Omar McRoberts, Courtney Bender (Columbia University)

Research Interests: Culture, Cognition, Religion, Theory, Methods, Ethnography

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Robert Owens

Dissertation Title: Judicial Interpretive Disputes and the Adjudication of Asylum Claims in U.S. Federal Courts.

Dissertation Committee: Andrew Abbott (chair), Elisabeth Clemens, Terence Halliday (American Bar Foundation), Tom Ginsburg (Law)

Research Interests: Law and Society, Sociology of Knowledge, Social Theory, Comparative/Historical Sociology.

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Maude Pugliese

Dissertation Title: Socio-Economic Disparities in Portfolio Composition: Their Historical Causes and Their Consequences for Inequality in America.

  • Recipient of the American Sociological Association's 2017 Honorable Mention for the Best Dissertation Award

Dissertation Committee: Andrew Abbott (Chair, U of C, sociology), Linda J Waite (U of C, sociology), Jim Sparrow (U of C, history), Monica Prasad (Northwestern, sociology)

Research Interests: Inequality, Economic Sociology, Sociology of Finance, Sociology of the Family, Social Statistics, Comparative-Historical Sociology. 

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Nora Taplin-Kaguru

Dissertation Title: Metropolitan Racial Segregation and Residential Relocation Process for Middle Income African Americans.

Dissertation Committee: John Levi Martin (Chair); Kathleen Cagney; Forrest Stuart; Scott W. Allard

Research Interests: Urban Sociology, Race, and the Sociology of Technology

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Brian Tuohy

Dissertation Title: Mexican Chicago: Modes of Incorporation in a Mexican-American Network

Dissertation Committee: Richard Taub (co-chair), Omar McRoberts (co-chair), Kathleen Cagney, Marco Garrido

Research Interests: Immigration, health, race and ethnicity.

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Jason Radford

Dissertation Title: Reinventing the Wheel: Innovation and Change in an Urban Charter School

Dissertation Committee: Elisabeth Clemens (chair), Ron Burt, John Levi Martin, Forrest Stuart

Research Interests: Computational Social Science, Organizations, Political Sociology, Gender

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Jaclyn Wong

Dissertation Title: Making Gendered Futures: How Young Professionals Make Career and Family Decisions

Dissertation Committee: Linda Waite (chair), Kristen Schilt, Jenny Trinitapoli

Research Interests: Gender, Marriage and Family, Aging, Romantic Partnerships over the Life Course

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