Maria Akchurin


Dissertation Title: The Politics of Water: Privatizing Water and Sanitation Utilities in Argentina and Chile

Committee: Elisabeth Clemens (Chair), Andrew Abbott, Cheol-Sung Lee, Tianna Paschel

Research Interests: Political sociology, environmental sociology, sociology of development, global and comparative sociology

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Hanisah Binte Abdullah Sani


Dissertation Title: Elite Politics, Jurisdictional Conflicts, and the Legacy of Colonial State Building in Malaysia

Committee: Andrew Abbott (chair), Elisabeth Clemens, Dan Slater

Research Interests: Comparative/historical sociology, Sociology of Religion, Law and Society, Social Change, Culture

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Caterina Fugazzola


Dissertation Title: What’s in a Name? Language, Culture, and Tongzhi Strategies for Social Change

Committee: Elisabeth Clemens (Chair), Kristen Schilt, Dingxin Zhao

Research Interests: Social Movements, Gender and Sexuality, Social Change, Culture, East Asia, Qualitative Methods

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Cayce C. Hughes


Dissertation Title: Negotiating Privacy in the Context of Poverty: Poor Mothers and the Social Safety Net 

Committee: Kristen Schilt (co-chair), Mario Small (co-chair), Forrest Stuart, Kimberly Kay Hoang

Research Interests: privacy and surveillance, urban poverty, racial and gender inequality, health and wellbeing, and welfare

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Whitney Johnson


Dissertation Title: Learning to Listen, Knowledge of Value in Auditory Culture

Committee: Karin Knorr Cetina (chair), Andrew Abbott, Gary Alan Fine

Research Interests: Culture, Theory, Gender, Economy, Qualitative Methods 

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Danya Lagos


Dissertation Title: Embodiment, Identity, and Gender "Regimes" in the United States: Findings From Population Surveys and Online Experiments

Committee: Kristen Schilt (co-chair), Jenny Trinitapoli (co-chair), Bridget Gorman (Rice University), Anna Mueller

Research Interests: sex and gender, demography, survey methodology, health

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James Murphy


Dissertation Title: Essays on the Social Organization of Adolescent Peer Groups

Committee: John Levi Martin (chair), James Evans, Stephen Raudenbush, Jenny Trinitapoli, James Moody (Duke University) 

Research Interests: Social networks, culture, statistical and mathematical models, education and adolescent development

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Melissa Osborne


Dissertation Title: Jumping the Ladder: How Low-Income and First-Generation Students Navigate Social Mobility Through College

Committee: Kristen Schilt (chair), John Levi Martin, Forrest Stuart, Anna Mueller

Research Interests: Social Mobility, Inequality and Stratification, Education, Organizations, Culture, Urban Sociology, Theory, Qualitative Methods 

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Jeffrey Nathaniel Parker


Dissertation Title: That Kind of Neighborhood: Creating, Contesting, and Commodifying Place Reputation

Committee: Andrew Abbott (co-chair), Kristen Schilt (co-chair), Japonica Brown-Saracino, Forrest Stuart

Research Interests: Urban Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Qualitative Methods, Race and Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality, Economic Sociology, Social Theory, Gentrification, Reputation

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Alicia Riley


Dissertation Title: The Social Production of Health Inequalities Across Local Contexts

Committee:  Linda Waite (Co-Chair), John Levi Martin (Co-Chair), Diane Lauderdale

Research Interests: Population Health, Inequality and Stratification, Race and Racism, Social Policy, Demography, Medical Sociology, Urban Sociology, Quantitative Methods

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Christopher George Takacs


Dissertation Title: Cultural Capital Development Among Elite Undergraduates

Committee: Andrew Abbott (chair), Kristen Schilt, Edward Laumann

Research Interests: higher education, culture, social capital, inequality, qualitative methods

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Misha Teplitskiy


Dissertation Title: Judgments of scientific quality and their effects on published knowledge and its diffusion

Committee: Andrew Abbott, James Evans (chair), Karin Knorr

Research Interests: Sociology of science, computational social science, innovation, organizational behavior, field experiments

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