An added resource for the department, today as throughout its history, is its location within a social sciences division unsurpassed in the world. Anthropology, Economics, Political Science and History are all near the top of their fields. Sociology faculty look across department lines for research collaborators, for workshop co-leaders, for co-teachers in the undergraduate core courses, and dozens of other things. Ties across disciplines are therefore many and close.

As a result of these close ties, students often enroll in courses and attend workshops across departments. Many faculty from other departments serve on student committees at the M.A., special field, and dissertation levels. For example, in 2002-05, among 75 special fields, 48% had a committee member from outside the Department. Among 96 Ph.D.s completed and in progress during the same period, 55% had a committee member from a Chicago department other than Sociology. Indeed, given the ease of gathering mentors from outside, 25% of the dissertations had a committee member from another institution.

This graph provides a roadmap of these ties, with indications of specific departments and faculty members who help mentor Chicago Sociology students. Each of the numbers in the graph indicate the number of times a student asked someone from that department to serve on his or her committee. Because of these ties, the range of available topics and methods are surprisingly broad.