Our graduate students produce dissertation research in a wide variety of areas. Here are some examples of research from the last fifteen years, organized by topic.

Sociology Dissertations 2016-2001 Sorted by Topic Area:

Cities, Neighborhoods & Communities Computational Culture
Demography East Asia Economic Sociology
Education Family Gender & Sexualities
Health Identities, Interactions & Everyday Lives Networks & Social Capital
Organizations & Institutions Politics & Social Movements Race & Ethnicity
Religion Social Stratification Sociology of Law and Knowledge
Work, Professions, & Occupations    

Publications derived from department dissertations:

Samuel Perry, Growing God's Children: The Global Orphan Care Movement and the Limits of Evangelical Activism (NYU Press)

Michaela Soyer, A Dream Denied: Incarceration, Recidivism, and Young Minority Men in America (University of California Press)

Robert Wyrod, AIDS and Masculinity in the African City: Privilege, Inequality and Modern Manhood (University of California Press)

Josh Pacewicz, Partisans and Partners: Politics of the Post-Kensyian Society (University of Chicago Press)

Derek Hyra, Race, Class, and Politics in the Cappuccino City (University of Chicago Press)

Sida Liu, Criminal Defense in China: The Politics of Lawyers at Work (Cambridge University Press)

Phaedra Daipha, Master's of Uncertainty: Weather Forecasters and the Quest for Ground Truth (University of Chicago Press)

Sanyu Mojola, Love, Money, and HIV: Becoming a Modern African Woman in the Age of AIDS (University of California Press)

Daniel Huebner, Becoming Mead: The Social Process of Academic Knowledge (University of Chicago Press)

Liza Weinstein, The Durable Slum: Dharavi and the Right to Stay Put in Globalizing Mumbai (University of Minnesota Press)

Mary Ellen Konieczny, The Spirit's Tether: Family, Work, and Religion Among American Catholics (Oxford University Press)

Rachel Rinaldo, Mobilizing Piety: Islam and Feminism in Indonesia (Oxford University Press)

Sara Stoelinga, Examining Effective Teacher Leadership: A Case Study Approach (Teachers College Press)

Ari Adut, On Scandal (Cambridge University Press)

Christopher Browning, "Sexual Contact Between Children and Adults" (American Sociological Review) (with Edward Laumann)

David Grazian, Blue Chicago (University of Chicago Press)

Derek Hyra, The New Urban Renewal (University of Chicago Press)

Maria Kefalas, Promises I Can Keep (University of California Press)

Nicole Marwell, Bargaining for Brooklyn (University of Chicago Press)

Daniel McFarland, "Student Resistance" (American Journal of Sociology)

Mignon Moore, "Intraracial Diversity and Relations among African Americans" (American Journal of Sociology)

Jeffrey Morenoff, "Neighborhood Mechanisms and the Spatial Dynamics of Birth Weight" (American Journal of Sociology)

Richard Lloyd, Neo-Bohemia: Art and Commerce in the Post-Industrial City (Routledge Press)

Andrew Papachristos, "Murder by Structure: Dominance Relations and the Social Structure of Gang Homicide" (American Journal of Sociology)

Michal Pagis, "Embodied Self-Reflexivity" (Social Psychology Quarterly)

Mary Pattillo, Black Picket Fences (University of Chicago Press)

Fabio Rojas, From Black Power to Black Studies (Johns Hopkins University Press)

Michael Rosenfeld, The Age of Independence (Harvard University Press)

Sandra Smith, Lone Pursuit (Russell Sage Foundation)

Peter St. Jean, Pockets of Crime (University of Chicago Press)

Sudhir Venkatesh, American Project (Harvard University Press)

Andrés Villarreal, "Political Competition and Violence in Mexico: Hierarchical Social Control in Local Patronage Structures" (American Sociological Review)

Alford Young, The Minds of Marginalized Black Men (Princeton University Press)

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