The Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago offers excellent opportunities to specialize in the study of culture. Favoring a perspective which understands culture as the ways in which human beings as social actors make sense of the world and their lives, we believe that cultural sociology is not limited to the analysis of institutions defined as "cultural" but instead refers to a dimension permeating all of social life.We therefore invite applications from students who are interested in employing such a perspective to areas ranging from religion and gender, through politics and the economy to science and the arts, and to topics ranging from the formation of the self through the construction of ethnic identity to cultural globalization.

We also believe in the benefit of a multiplicity of theoretical and methodological approaches. Members in the department working from a cultural perspective currently make use of a great variety of theories which are informed by the (Neo-/Post-) Durkheimian, Feminist, Marxian, Weberian, and phenomenological tradition. They use both historical and ethnographic research methods.

Moreover, the study of culture in the Sociology Department is embedded in wider interdisciplinary networks of the university. Members of the department hold joint appointments and/or cooperate closely with Anthropology, the Center for Gender Studies, the Divinity School, History, German Studies, and the Committee on the History of Culture.


Andrew Abbott

Terry Clark

James Evans

Andreas Glaeser

Hans Joas

Karin Knorr Cetina

John Levi Martin

Faculty Contact:

Andreas Glaeser