Course Requirements

Complete this checklist of requirements. It must be submitted for inspection in order to graduate as a sociology major.

Requirements for a sociology major are listed below. 

1.     Introduction to Sociology (choose one)

2.     Sociological Theory (choose one)

3.     Quantitative Methods (choose one)

4.     Qualitative Methods (choose one)

5.     Logic of Social Inquiry (choose one)

6.     Four courses in sociology

7.     BA project (optional)

It is strongly recommended that the requirements be taken in the following sequence:

(1) Intro, (2) Theory, (3) the two methods courses, (4) Logic, and (5) the BA project (seminar and paper), with the four electives taken throughout.

This is a new curriculum. It applies to incoming first years (class of 2026). Second, third, and fourth years, meanwhile, have “catalog rights”—i.e., they can choose to go by the new curriculum or the old one but they must fulfill all the requirements for each. 


Qualifying Courses, AY 2022-2023


1. Introductory courses

-       SOCI 20002. Society, Power, and Change (Autumn)

-       SOCI 20295. Morrissey’s America: Contemporary Social Problems (Spring)

-       SOCI 20242. States, Markets, and Bodies (Spring) 

-       SOCI 20000. Invitation to Sociology (not offered in AY2022-23)

-       Any theory course (in addition to the one taken to fulfill the Theory requirement)


2. Sociological theory courses

-       SOCI 20005. Sociological Theory (Autumn)

-       SOCI 20291. Contemporary Social Theory (Autumn) 

-       SOCI 20574. Social Structure and Agency (Winter)


3. Quantitative Methods

-       SOCI 20004. Statistical Methods (Winter)

o   Upper-level statistics courses generally count towards this requirement. Check with the Director of Undergraduate Studies 

-       SOCI 20567. Intro to Computational Sociology (Winter)


4. Qualitative Methods

-       SOCI 20140. Qualitative Field Methods (Autumn) 

-       SOCI 20568. Historical Methods in the Social Sciences (Autumn) 

-       SOCI 20558. Digital Ethnography (Autumn)

-       SOCI 20547. Involved Interviewing (Autumn and Winter) – third and fourth years only

-       SOCI 20548. Coding (Winter and Spring) – instructor consent required

-       SOCI 20515. Virtual Ethnographic Field Research Methods (Summer)

-       SOCI 29001. Practicum in Historical Sociology (Spring)


5. Logic of Social Inquiry

-       SOCI 20001. Sociological Methods (Winter)

-       SOCI 20575. Logic of Social Inquiry (offered in AY2023-24)


6. Four courses in sociology

-       These electives can be satisfied by taking any course in the major, including cross-listed ones—i.e., they must have a course number prefaced by SOCI. No petitions/substitutions.


7. BA Project (optional)

-       This involves registering for the BA Seminar and the BA Project.

-       SOCI 29998. BA Seminar

o   This course is taken throughout the senior year. Students should register for it in the Autumn quarter and take it all three quarters (Autumn, Winter, and Spring). They will receive their course grade in the Spring. The seminar meets 3-4 times a quarter and can be taken as a fifth course. See description below.

-       SOCI 29999. BA Project

o   This is not a course but simply an entry on the student’s transcript reflecting their BA project grade. Students should register for SOCI 29999 in the spring of their senior year (or final quarter in the College).

See course descriptions here.


BA Project Guidelines

The BA project is optional. Students may write a 30-40 pp. academic paper to satisfy this requirement, and we expect that most students who opt in will do this. Alternatively, they may propose a different kind of project in consultation with their advisor and requiring the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. For example, the capstone project may involve service or work experience plus a set of sociologically minded reflection papers (e.g., 10 3-4 pp. memos).


To pursue a BA project, students will need to have (1) secured an advisor and (2) taken the relevant methods course (e.g., completed the Qualitative Methods requirement if conducting qualitative research).  

BA Seminar

The BA seminar meets in the Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters of the student’s fourth year. It meets 3-4 times a quarter and counts for one course. (It can be taken as a fifth course given the light course load.) Students should register for it in the Autumn quarter and take it all three quarters, receiving their course grade at the end of the Spring quarter. Students will receive progress reports at the end of the Autumn and Winter quarters. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will hold a meeting in the spring quarter for all sociology third years interested in pursuing a BA project. They will be encouraged to seek an advisor and consider beginning their research over the summer.


Students will receive two grades on their transcript for the BA project, one for the BA seminar (SOCI 29998) and another for the project itself (SOCI 29999).


To attain honors in the major students will need to meet all four conditions: (1) a GPA of 3.25 in the college, (2) a GPA of 3.5 in the major, (3) completing a BA project, and (4) their advisor’s determination that the project merits Honors.

Research Funding

We will make available ten small grants of $1,000 each to students conducting research associated with their BA project through a competitive process. Students will complete the following application in the Autumn quarter. Their preceptors will recommend a set of applications to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The DUS will review the applications and determine which merit funding. Students may also apply to the Dean’s Fund for research funding:



For substantive questions contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Marco Garrido <>. You can also save your questions for the quarterly town halls we usually hold. For administrative matters, email Pat Princell <>.