Students pursuing a BA degree in sociology are expected to complete the following requirements:

Social Theory

Two required courses acquaint students with some of the fundamental problems and analytic perspectives of the field of sociology.

SOCI 20002. Social Structure and Change. The central objective of this course is to introduce students to the sociological study of individuals in society—how individual actions are shaped by their position in society, while contributing to its structure and change. We focus on sociological approaches to American society, its position in the international system and principal dimensions including race and ethnicity, age, gender, and social class.

SOCI 20005. Sociological Theory. Drawing on the classics as well as on contemporary works in sociological theory, this course raises questions about the nature of sociological theory and its relation to both empirical research and sociological inquiry. Authors include Weber, Durkheim, Simmel, Dewey, Parsons, and Merton.


Students are required to take at least one of the following methodology courses.

SOCI 20001. Sociological Methods. This course introduces the approach and practice of social research. This course explores questions of causality in social research and the limits of knowledge. It then covers the basic practices that are a component of all methods of social research through an in-depth examination of interviews, ethnography, surveys, archival, online and computational research. Students spend the quarter working on a series of assignments that culminate in a research proposal for the BA thesis.

SOCI 20111. Survey Analysis I. This course teaches students how to analyze survey data and write up the results: basic logic of multivariate causal reasoning and its application to OLS regression, percentage tables, and log odds, with an emphasis on communicating insights.

SOCI 20140. Qualitative Field Methods. This course introduces techniques and approaches to ethnographic field research. Emphasis is placed on quality of attention and awareness of perspective as foundational aspects of the craft. Students conduct research at a site, compose and share field notes, and produce a final paper distilling sociological insight from fieldwork.


Students are required to take the following statistics requirement.

SOCI 20004 Statistical Methods of Research. This required course provides a comprehensive introduction to widely used quantitative methods in sociology and related social sciences. Topics include analysis of variance and multiple regression, considered as they are used by practicing social scientists. Substitutes for this course are STAT 20000 Elementary Statistics or higher.

Additional Courses

Students must take seven additional courses in sociology or related fields, and at least four of these must be in sociology. Courses may be drawn from any of the 20000-level courses in sociology and, after completing SOCI 20002 Social Structure and Change, from any 30000-level courses in sociology that have not been cross listed with undergraduate numbers. Graduate courses (e.g., 40000-level or higher) taken with instructor’s consent also count toward this requirement. 

Instructions for how to petition up to three related social-science courses to count towards the sociology major can be found here

B.A. Thesis Seminar

SOCI 29998 Sociology BA Thesis Seminar

2021-22 Schedule of Required Courses

  • SOCI 20001, Sociological Methods, Not offered in 2021-22
  • SOCI 20002, Social Structure & Change, Autumn
  • SOCI 20004, Statistical Methods of Research, Winter
  • SOCI 20005, Sociological Theory, Winter


All courses required for completion of the sociology program must be taken for quality grades (e.g., not P/F).