The Chicago Journal of Sociology is a student-led publication founded in 2014 by Professor James Evans and supported by the University Of Chicago Department of Sociology. Our mission is to showcase excellent undergraduate work in sociology from the University of Chicago and other universities, while giving student editors experience turning BA theses into published academic articles. We value clear, straightforward prose, careful citation, and a wide range of methodological approaches, both quantitative and qualitative. Papers should be under 9,500 words, excluding notes, references, tables, and figures.

The Co-Executive Editors of Volume 7 (2022) are Jonah Norwitt and Mark Valadez. The editorial team for the 2020-2021 year included: Alisha Nadkarni, Zoe Cullison-Shimada, Deblina Mukherjee, Max Grayzel-Ward, Susy Liu, Caitlin Blankenship, My Chu, John Wu, Jack Votava, Emily Chan, Lauren Park, Stephanie Yu, Zewei Liao, Kabir Dubey, Max Rosenblum, Alexandra Fiorentino-Swinton, Allegra Hatem, Ogo Chukwuma, Josie Brown, and Vicky Berman.

Please contact directly for information regarding submissions or about how to join the editorial staff.

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