Anyawie headshot 2023_0.jpg

Maurice Anyawie

Postdoctoral Scholar

Interests: Fertility, formal demography, immigration, marriage, child mortality, and family sociology

Tal Arbel_3.jpg

Tal Arbel

Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute on the Formation of Knowledge

Interests: History of the behavioral and mind sciences, the sociology of expertise, and the social technologies that sustain the liberal democratic state

Arroyo headshot.jpeg

Pedro Alberto Arroyo

M.A. Teaching Fellow, Computational Social Science

Interests: Political sociology, identity, race/ethnicity, computational sociology, global & transnational sociology, global historical sociology


Avent Elizabeth headshot 2023_0.png

Elizabeth S. Avent

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Sociology, Center for Health and Social Sciences (CHeSS), and NORC

Interests: Elder abuse, late-life intimate partner violence, caregiving, dementia and cognitive impairment, and adverse childhood experiences



Chad Broughton

Instructional Professor, Social Sciences Collegiate Division


Katherine Buse

Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute on the Formation of Knowledge

Interests: Digital media, the environmental humanities, and cultures of science and technology

Ciomek Photo 2021.jpg

Alexandra Ciomek

Postdoctoral Fellow, Mansueto Institute; Postdoctoral Scholar, Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice

Interests: Crime and deviance, urban sociology, social networks, the life course, policing, gangs, and quantitative methods


Maximilian Cuddy headshot 2023_0.jpeg

Maximilian Cuddy

Earl S. Johnson Instructor in Sociology, MAPSS

Interests: Race, education, urban sociology


Pranathi Diwakar.jpeg

Pranathi Diwakar

Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences


Chris Esposito.png

Christopher R. Esposito

Postdoctoral Fellow, Mansueto Institute and Knowledge Lab

Interests: Innovation, cities, technological disruption



Caterina Fugazzola

Assistant Senior Instructional Professor in the Global Studies Program

Interests: Social movements, gender and sexuality, transnational sociology, social change, culture, East Asia, qualitative methods


Gorski headshot 2022.jpeg

Karlyn Gorski

Assistant Instructional Professor, Harris School of Public Policy Studies

Interests: High schools, ethnography, adolescent development, public policy, sociology of education



Sharon Hicks-Bartlett

Associate Instructional Professor

Interests: Urban and suburban poverty, ethnography, qualitative methods, sociology of the family, gerontology, race and critical race theory, sociology of culture, and visual sociology

Jean headshot_0.jpeg

Marshall Jean

Assistant Instructional Professor of Sociology, M.A. Program in the Social Sciences

Interests: Education, urban sociology, social inequality, public policy, data science, quantitative methods, causal inference, hierarchical linear modeling



Melanie Jeske

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Rank of Instructor, Institute on the Formation of Knowledge

Interests: Science, medicine, and technology


Shilin Jia Portrait_0.jpg

Shilin Jia

M.A. Teaching Fellow, Computational Social Science

Interests: Organization, culture and ideology, elite theory, computational methods, social statistics

Johns NORC Headshot-071756.jpg

Michelle M. Johns

Senior Research Scientist at NORC

Interests: LGBTQ+ populations, stigma, resilience, behavioral health, mixed methods, community engaged research

Kozlowski headshot.jpeg

Austin Kozlowski

Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences

Interests: Computational sociology, sociology of culture, political sociology, science and knowledge


Lembo headshot 2022.jpeg

Alessandra Lembo

Teaching Fellow in the Department of Sociology and the College

Interests: Culture, cognition, theory, psychology, qualitative methods



Ningzi Li 

Postdoctoral Scholar, Data Science Institute

Interests: Economic sociology, organizational theory, strategic management, computational social science


Jeffrey W. Lockhart

James S. McDonnell Postdoctoral Fellow

Interests: Sex/gender, sexuality, science and technology studies, computational and qualitative methods


Moira O'Shea photo_0.jpg

Moira O'Shea

Teaching Fellow in the Department of Sociology and the College

Interests: Cultural sociology, social theory, nationalism, material & visual culture, memory & heritage, political sociology, citizenship

Painia headshot.jpeg

Brianne Painia

Assistant Instructional Professor of Sociology, M.A. Program in the Social Sciences

Interests: Gender, race, religion and spiritual identity 


Rangos photo.jpeg

Virginia Rangos

Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences

Interests: Health and medicine, gender, social studies of knowledge

Schut headshot crop.jpeg

Rebecca Anna Schut

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Demography and Economics of Aging Training Program, Center for Health and the Social Sciences

Interests: Medical sociology, population studies, health services research, structural determinants of health; racial stratification, immigrant incorporation

Jamshid Sourati crop.jpeg

Jamshid Sourati

Postdoctoral Scholar

Interests: Science of science, computational analysis of collective thinking/growth of knowledge



Connor Strobel

Harper-Schmidt Fellow and Collegiate Assistant Professor

Interests: Contested identities, sexuality, gender, sociology of law, health, social movements, sociological theory

Lydia Wileden headshot.jpeg

Lydia Wileden

Postdoctoral Fellow, Mansueto Institute and Division of Social Sciences

Interests: Neighborhood change, resident sentiment, urban sociology, public policy, survey design, quantitative methods


Fengli Xu

Postdoctoral Scholar, Knowledge Lab

Interests: Computational social science, complex system, data science