In spite of the challenges facing our 2020 cohort of Sociology majors, we are so proud of the work they have accomplished with their theses. While we were unable to host our annual BA Thesis Symposium where they would have been able to present to fellow students and staff at the department, we are excited to be able to share some of their work here and on social media. Spanning a wide variety of sociological topics, 4th years have created posters, presentations, and other digital media to showcase their original research to you all (click images for more/full presentations). We congratulate all of the 2020 Sociology cohort on their achievements and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.


The Class of 2020 Sociology Cohort

Anna Aguiar Kosicki

All Business is Show Business: Social Capital, Gendered Exploitation, Organizational Structure, and the Law in the #NotinOurHouse Movement and the Chicago Theater Standards

Kiana Amini

The Cost of Knowledge Production: Academics’ Strategies of Negotiating Ethical Tensions in Social Science Research and Fieldwork

Adrianna Barnett

“Real” Greek Life: Exploring Organizational Essence, Boundary Maintenance, and Organizational Commitment

Hanna Batlan

The Gentrifier's Dilemma: Gentrification and Progressive Hospitality in the Oakland Food Industry

Emma Chosy

Nobody Knows You, Baby, The Way I Do: Knowledge-Gathering as Fan Work in One Direction Fan Communities

Henry Clarke

The Performed Sports Fan: How Chicago Cubs Fans Make Sense of their Fandom through Audience and Site Mediation

Kate Clement

Ring Before Spring: A Quantitative Analysis of Millennial Marital Timing under the Lens of U.S. Cultural Regions

Solomon Dworkin

Contestation and Coherence in the Occupational Rhetoric of Facility Managers

Brian Fenaughty

State Written, City Implemented: How the Illinois TIF Act Changed How the Illinois TIF Act Changed and Chicago Changed with It

Juliana Freschi

Order Among Outcasts: Boundary-Making in Chicago’s Contemporary Tattoo Scene

Bettina Hammer

“More Than Just Words on a Page:” How Belief Transforms into Truth Through Social Rebuke

Katie Karp

Cultural Consumption Practices at UChicago: Conspicuous Consumption

Jared Kerman

Waking Toward Recognition: Performance, Embodiment, and the Pursuit of Realness within the Chicago House and Ball Scene

Ruth Landis

Faith-Based Organizing: Theorizing the Role of Religion on the Progressive Left

Hannah Lee

The Intersubjectivity of Diversity in the Legal Field

Anna Li

East Eats West: A Discursive Analysis of Cultural Legitimation in Chinese Cookbooks Published in the Age of Global Cosmopolitanism

Tyrone Lomax

Recidivism & Re-entry: Connecting Social Workers' Business Environments and their Workability

Lorraine Lu

The Legitimization of Surveillence: China's Social Credit System

David Matz

“Girls Play Those Champions”: Players Using Game Structure to Frame Gendered Interactions Online

Seychelle Mikofsky

“It Too Will Pass”: Identity Management Strategies of Queer Students at Brigham Young University

Veronica Myers

(Re)Structuring the Social Space: A Study of Communitarian Identity and Organizational Transformation at Arcosanti

Jein Park

Redefining Gentrification in Chicago’s West Loop: How Commercialization Transformed a Desolate Meatpacking District into the City’s Trendiest Consumption Destination

Jessica Robinson

Probation and Imprisonment: Investigating Penal Regime Types

Karla Ruiz

La Isla Desencantada: Civil and Political Disenchantment Among Puerto Ricans after Hurricane

Aleena Tariq

Many Hands Make Heavy Work: Dilemmas of Coalition-Building in Chicago’s Environmental Justice Movement

Nick Villar

Crime and Commerce: A Study of Urban Vibrancy and Criminal Activity in Chicago

Fikayo Walter-Johnson

Spatializing Kinship: A Socio-Spatial Analysis of West African Immigrant Kinship Networks in Affordable Housing Cooperatives

Kanisha Williams

Many Libraries, One Chicago: Public Spaces as Substitutions to the Public Safety Net

Evan Zhao

(Re)Orienting Desire and Politics:  Western Queer Subjectivity under Chinese Authoritarianism