We are extremely proud of the work our undergraduate students have done to complete interesting and scientifically serious BA theses under an especially strange and challenging set of circumstances. While we are unable to host our traditional BA Thesis Symposium wherein students present their research findings to a live audience of students, faculty, and staff, we are excited to be able to share some of their work here and on social media. Spanning a wide variety of sociological topics, 4th years have created posters, presentations, and other digital media to showcase their original research to you all. (Click the images to view the full presentations). We warmly congratulate the Sociology Class of 2021; we wish you all the best in your future endeavors and look forward to opportunities to invite you back to campus in the future.

The Class of 2021

Cora Alperin

Contraceptive Illiteracy: Informal Information Networks Among Young Adults Aged 18-29

Alperin poster.png

Beth Awano

Too Close to Home: An Ecological Analysis of How College Students RespondWhen a Close Friend is Accused of Sexual Assault

Alexis Ayala

The Persistence of the Panopticon: An Explorationof FormerChicago Public School Students’ Perceptions of SchoolResourceOfficers and Feelings towards Policies on Retention

Zoe Cullison-Shimada

Womanhood in her Terms: Defying Gender-based Conventions in the Japanese Workplace

Nassim Davila

The Domestic Politicality of TransgenderNews Media: A Rhetorical Analysis of Pre-normalization via Local Press

Theo Evans

Misogyny as Medication:The Red Pill, Self-Help, and Neoliberal Masculinity

Theo Evans poster.png

Peter Forberg

“We Are the News Now”: QAnon and the Replacement of Epistemic Authorities with Personalized Online Political Communities

Forberg website.png

Gustavo Arruda Franco

Healing the Nation: Portrayals of Democracy in Official Social Media Profiles of Igreja Universal during the Election of Bolsonaro in 2018

Yitz Goldstein

Paramedic Mensch: Negotiating Jewish Masculinities

Lisette Gonzalez-Flores

Navigating Assimilation and Racialization As Second-Generation Immigrants Living In Ethnic Enclaves

Gonzalez-Flores poster.png

Max Grayzel-Ward

The Future is Fertile: Exploring How Young Trans People Think About Reproduction

Olga Patricia Guerrero Gonzalez

La Revolución Será Transfeminista o No Será: Collective Identity Formation in the Women’s Movement Against Gender Violence in México

Olga BA Thesis poster.png

Aysha Hafiz

Nostalgia Station: Construction of Post-Soviet Community Through Radio

Alexandra Hohenlohe

Uncontested in D.C., “Unconstitutional” in the U.S.: Washington, D.C.-Based Media Coverage of D.C. Statehood Organizations

Tianhao Hou

The Politics of Complaints: Responsiveness and Repression in Chinese Municipal Government since 2013

Hou poster.png

Zipporah Klain

HometownNetworksvs. Wartime Friends: Differing Sourcesof Social Support and Their Ties to Health Outcomes inBlack and White Union Army Veterans

Lilly Le

Education for Liberation: Challenging the Hegemonic Structure of the University

Ileana Lopez-Martinez

Not Your Mother’s Sex Ed: Neoliberal Influence on Mother-Daughter Sexuality Education

Lopez-Martinez poster.png

Adrian Mandeville

Cuban Exile Identity: Determinants and Durability of Right-Wing Politics

Mandeville poster.png


Seth Marlow

The Revolution May Be Live-Tweeted: An examination of the strengths and weaknesses of horizontal movements through Lebanon’s October 17th Revolution

Bere Martinez

Legal Violence and the VOICES Act: How an Immigration Law with Benign Intentions Meant to Assist U Visa Applicants Can Cause Legal Violence

Molly McCammon

Their Friends Fill in the Gaps: How refugees use informal social ties to facilitate successful integration

Alesia Michel

Health and Safety for New York Inmates and Free Residents During COVID-19

Autumn Mitchell

The Effects of Uncertainty During the Covid-19 Crisis: Behavioral Flexibility and Organizational Decoupling

Jose Morin

Exploring the Closet: Reconceptualizing Machismo through Masculinity and Queer Disruption

Morin poster.png

Deb Mukherjee

Genesweep: How Scientists' Guess

Deb website.png

Kristen Park

Making Informed Decisions: An Examination Of The Role Of Information In The Decision-Making Processes of Undergraduate Students

Hannah Paul

What a Way to Make a Living: A Statistical and Theoretical Analysis of the Relationship Between Political Party Affiliation, Subjective Class Identification, and Confidence in Organized Labor

Lisa Qu

Not Just a Few Bad Guys: Privilege and Power as Mediatorsof Sexual Violence in Fraternities

Lisa Qu poster.png

Shreya Minama Reddy

Money on the Mind: An Exploration of Spending Habits in Indian and Chinese Immigrants to the United States

Denise Ruiz

Escape to Alcatraz: The Tourist Gaze of the Prison Industrial Complex

Teddy Todaro

Deciphering the Institutional Success of College Football Programs

Jenn Umanzor

Monitoring the Workplace:Does Telework Impact Employee Work-Time Discipline?

Stephanie Valencia

Latinx AF: In what situations and contexts do second generation Latinx draw on their Latinx identity?

Samir Venkatesh

Truly Criminal Justice:Revisiting Racial Bias in Drug Crime Sentencing

Isabel Wolfson

Quantifying and Qualifying the Religious Habitus: Substantiating Post-Secularism on a Liberal Arts College Campus

Wolfson poster.png

Calvin Woodard

Medicalization and the Spiritual: The Ecology of the Alcoholism Problem to 1970

Jin Yoon

Understanding What Attracts and Sustains Youth Organizing in Chicago

Jadelynn Zhang

“That’s Problematic:” Racism, Appropriation, and Boundary Work on TikTok