We celebrated the accomplishments of the 2019 cohort of sociology majors at the annual Sociology BA Thesis Symposium on Thursday May 30th, 2019.  Students presented their original research, which spanned a range of topics from the social factors associated with undetected HIV infection to the relationship between racial identity and participation in hip hop culture. Award winners included Marissa Combs’ for her thesis “Moral Apprenticeship: Free School Ideology Embodied In Conflict Resolution Strategies,” and Abe Friedman for his thesis, “Navigating Police Work In The Age Of Body-Worn Cameras,” We concluded the event with a festive reception where the audience congratulated the presenters over drinks and tacos. We are so proud of the achievements of our 4th years and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

The Sociology Cohort of 2019

Abe Friedman

Navigating Police Work in The Age Of Body-Worn Cameras

Abigail Kuchnir

Salient Spaces in a Chicago Neighborhood

Adam R. David

Divergence in Diaspora: Perceptions Of Cultural Preservation And Assimilation Among First And Second-Generation Assyrians In Chicago

Anil Sindhwani

Undergraduates’ Racialized Perceptions of Crime and Safety at The University Of Chicago

Arnav Chatterjee

Persistence of Caste among Indian Immigrants in The United States

Benjamin Giber

Confidant Networks and Unrecognized HIV Infection Among Young Black Men Who Have Sex With Men

Christina Cano

“Peace, Love, And Unity”: Comparing Strategies of Inclusive Boundary Work By Black And Asian College Hip Hop Participants

David Klinger

Who Rides the Bus? An Empirical Analysis of Census Transit Commuting Data

Delia Sosa

Recreating the Closet: The Process of Generating Mental Health Stigma for LGBTQ+-Identifying Undergraduate Students

Emily Tcheng

“Diabetes Is Not A Poor Person’s Ailment”: How Individuals on The South Side Of Chicago Negotiate The Diabetes Care Experience

Frank S. Sierra

Ni De Aquí, Ni De Allá: Understanding Relational Identity through an Intersectional Framework

Hamilton P. Wilson

‘Am I A Good Teacher?’: Narratives of The Social Factors Impacting Teachers’ Self-Concept

Hanqian Zhang

Building the Reservoir of Risk: A Study of Chinese Dispatched Workers’ Employment Experience in Hubei Province

Isabelle Charo

Strength from The Bottom Up: Emotional Labor, Motivation, And Organizational Resilience Among Service Providers For Immigrant Communities

Juliet Lee

The Role of Street Art And Social Media In 21st Century Urban Placemaking: A Case Study Of The Los Angeles Arts District

Khoa Dang Phan

Asians & Friends Chicago: The Politics Of Interracial Desire in A Gay Friendship Group

Kristiana Olson

Replacing Long Days With More Stressful Ones: The Trade-Offs Facing Women Lawyers in The Workforce

Lucas Penido

Making the Unprofitable Profitable Affordable Housing Development through an Organizational Field

Marissa Combs

Moral Apprenticeship: Free School Ideology Embodied in Conflict Resolution Strategies

May Malone

Inadequate Insurance: The Shifting Academic Aspirations of Elite Liberal Arts Students

Mitchell Gazda

Navigating the Bind: How Rural Pastors Preach And Believe In A Secularizing World

Noah Karras

Motivations Behind Philanthropy: Deconstructing The Creation of a Promising Beacon for an Underserved Community

Olivia Jia

Boundary Maintenance and the Built Environment: How Contested Spaces in Chicago’s Chinatown Define Contemporary Chinese-American Community Across Physical, Generational And Cultural Lines

Rachel Weinbren

From Student to Donor: How College Greek Life Socializes Members Into Philanthropic Experiences through “Fun Philanthropy”

Rachel Y. Kim

“The Numbers Tell The Story”:Data Scientists And Predictive Policing Practices In Chicago

Rebecca Julie

New Kids On The Yacht: Exploring The Role Of Jewish Identity In Suburban Beach Club Affiliation

Riley Sester

From Frozen to Fresh: How Famers’ Markets Socialize Middle-Class Food Behaviors

Yunhan Wen

Chinese Urbanism as a Way Of Life — Becoming Urban In Shenzhen’s Informal Settlemen