Akchurin, Maria (Mary)
The Politics of Water: Privatizing Water and Sanitation Utilities in Buenos Aires and Santiago
Post-doc: Buffett Institute for Global Affairs, Northwestern University

Castaño Rodriguez, Paola
"The Time of the Victims”: Understandings of Violence and Institutional Practices in the National Commission of Reparation and Reconciliation in Colombia
Post-doc: Smithsonian Insititution

Iveniuk, James
Social Relationships, Positivity, and Personality in Older Adulthood
Post-doc: Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

Lee, Monica
Structural and Cultural Processes in the Development of the Frankfurt School
Data Scientist, Facebook

Lin, Yen-chun
The Dynamics of Grassroots Environmental Protests in China: State-Protest Leader Interactions and Movement Trajectories
Post-doc: Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, Stanford University

McClintock, Louisa
Projects of Punishment in Post-War Poland: War Criminals, Collaborators, Traitors, and the (Re)Construction of the Nation
Post-doc: Harriman Institute, Columbia University

Ocobock, Abigail
The Institutionalization of Same-Sex Marriage: How Access to Legal Marriage Impacts LGBQ People's Relationships
Post-doc: University of Notre Dame

Perry, Samuel
Children of Glory: Orphan Care and the Cultural Limits of Evangelical Activism
Asst. Prof. of Sociology and Religious Studies, University of Oklahoma

Pugliese, Maude
Explaining the causes and consequences of socio-economic disparities in portfolio composition in the United States between 1918 and 2013
Post-doc: McGill University, Dept. of Sociology and the Center on Population Dynamics

Schalliol, David
How Social Processes Organize Neighborhood Problems and Solutions
Asst. Prof., St. Olaf College

Swerts, Thomas
Non-Citizen Citizenship: A Comparative Ethnography of Undocumented Activism in Chicago and Brussels
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Sociological Research (CeSO), University of Leuven

Tian, Geng
Empire Building and the Formation of the Rebellious Peripheries: The Making of Civilian Governments and the Muslim Rebellions in Northwestern China, 1720s-1860s
Asst. Prof., Peking University

Tsai, Gawin
Jurisdictional and Professional Boundaries: The Growth and Maintenance of a Parallel Profession
Post-doc: Health Policy and Health Services Research, Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI)

Wang, Liping
Ethnicizing the Frontier: Imperial Transformation and Ethnic Confrontations in China-Inner Mongolia, 1890s-1930s
Asst. Prof., University of Hong Kong