Liegel, Greg
Bridges and Buffers: Legal Intermediation in the Contested Field of High-Skilled Labor Migration

Lyke, Sheldon
Cosmopolitan Courts and Strange Laws: Essays on Judicial Globalization and the Social Resistance to Foreign
Asst. Prof., Whittier Law School

Shim, Jae-Mahn
Plural Medical Systems: The Institutionalization of Diversity and Its Social Consequences
Asst. Prof., City University of Seoul, Korea

Soyer, Michaela
The Struggle to Change: Life Course Alteration and Environmental Opportunities for Juvenile Offenders
Post-doc: Penn State University
Asst. Prof., Hunter College (beginning Summer 2015)

Wang, Liping
Ethnicizing the Frontier: Imperial Transformation and Ethnic Confrontations in China-Inner Mongolia, 1890s-1930s
Visiting Asst. Prof., Haverford University
Harper Schmidt Fellow, University of Chicago