Burdick-Will, Julia
Violent Crime and Achievement in Chicago: Neighborhoods, Peers, and Schools
Post-doc: Brown University
Asst. Prof., Johns Hopkins University

Chen, Jen-Hao
Early Childhood Health and Inequalities in Children's Academic and Behavioral Outcomes
Asst. Prof., Taiwan National University
Asst. Prof., University of Missouri—Columbia, Dept. of Health Science

Huebner, Daniel
The Making of George Herbert Mead: A Study in the Production of Knowledge in Modern Academia
Visiting Asst. Prof., American University
Asst. Prof., University of North Carolina- Greensboro

Menchik, Daniel
The Practices of Medicine: Knowledge Application and Authority Acquisition in Medical Work
Asst. Prof., Michigan State University 

Santana, Rafael
The Life and Death of Hometown Associations
Post-doc: Cornell University

Verma, SaunJuhi
Black Gold, Brown Labor: The Legalization of Indentured Work through the Transnational Migration Industry
Post-doc: Duke University
Asst. Prof., Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations