Albright, Len
Community Social Organization and the Integration of Affordable Housing Residents in a Suburban New Jersey Community
Research Analyst, Princeton University
Asst. Prof., Northeastern University 

Austin, Kimberly Nicole
Reform Meets Praxis: An Analysis of School Reform Programs
Hunter College, School of Education

Bargheer, Stefan
Moral Entanglements: The Emergence and Transformation of Bird Conservation in Great Britain and Germany, 1790-2010
Post-doc: Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
Asst. Prof., University of California-Los Angeles

Chiang, Chi-Chen
Global Assemblage of Citizenship Rights in the United States
Research Professional

Coslor, Erica Heather
Wall Streeting Art: The Construction of Artwork as an Alternative Investment and the Strange Rules of the Art Market
Lecturer in Management, Department of Management and Marketing, University of Melbourne, Australia

Honig, Sylvie
Untangling the Apron Strings: Making Sense of the Delayed Transition to Adulthood
Visiting Asst. Prof., Bryn Mawr College

Kim, Juyeon
Social Contexts and Health in Late Life: Living Arrangements, Social Networks, Resources, and Health
Post-doc: NORC, University of Chicago
Asst. Prof., National University of Singapore

Lee, Linda Cloud
The Organizational Configuration of Schools
Post-doc: Northwestern School of Education

Mohamed, Besheer
The Implications of Religious Identity for American Muslims
Research Associate: Pew Research Center

Nashashibi, Rami
Islam in the 'Hood: Exploring the Rise of Ghetto Cosmopolitanism
Executive Director, Inner-City Muslim Action Network

Tian, Xiaoli
Relocating Science: Medical Missions and Western Medicine in 19th-Century China
Asst. Prof., University of Hong Kong