Bartlett, Anne Louise
Insurgent Politics: London, the Darfur Crisis, and the New Landscape of Transnational Political Landscape
Asst. Prof., University of San Francisco

Das, Aniruddha
Sexuality and Health Across the Life Course
Post-doc: NORC, University of Chicago
Asst. Prof., McGill University 

Dempsey, Nicholas Peter
The Coordination of Action: Non-verbal Communication in Jazz Jam Sessions
Asst. Prof., Eckard College

Eason, John Major
Big House on the Prairie: Investigating the Growth and Impact of Rural Prison Siting
Post-doc: Duke University
Asst. Prof., Arizona State University, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Harvey, Rachel Marie
Duty to Firm and Market: The Subnational and Sociocultural Constitution of the London Gold Fixing, a Global Financial Market
Post-doc: Columbia University, Committee on Global Thought (2008)
Post-doc: Columbia University, Center for Global Legal Transformation

Lechtman, Zohar
Gendering Chicago Politics: Institutionalization of Women in Positions of Power
Post-doc: University of Haifa, Dept. of Sociology
Faculty, Western Galilee College

Lin, Fen
Turning Gray: Transition of Political Communication in China 1978-2008
Asst. Prof., City University of Hong Kong, Dept. of Media and Communication

Mojola, Sanyu Amimo
Dangerous Transitions: Exploring the Gendered Disparity in HIV Rates among African Youth
Asst. Prof., University of Colorado, Boulder

Pagis, Michal
Cultivating Selves: Vipassana Meditation and the Microsociology of Experience
Post-doc: Tel-Aviv University
Asst. Prof., Bar-Illan University, Ramat Gan, Israel

Sanford, Marc Maurice
Consumption and the Urban Milieu: Using Consumption as a Measure of Similarity for Defining Urban Neighborhoods
aQuantive, Inc. Digital Marketing
Director, Custom Insight Group, Razorfish Marketing Agency

York Cornwell, Erin Sue
Household Disorder
Post-Doc, Cornell University (Sociology)
Asst. Prof., Cornell University