Adut, Ari
Scandal as Strategy and Social Form: The Conditions, Dynamics and Paradoxes of French Political Corruption Affairs
Associate Prof., University of Texas, Austin

Akhmetshin, Edward
Effects of Skill Supply on Wage Returns to Skill
Province of Saskatchewan, Policy/Program consultant

Akiyoshi, Mito
Unmediating Community: The Non-Diffusion of the Internet in Japan, 1985-2002
Associate Prof., Senshu University (Tokyo), Dept. of Humanities

Altalib, Omar Hisham
The Effects of Family Problems on Students
Governance Director, Baghdad Office, International Republican Institute, Iraq
Asst. Prof., International Islamic University Malaysia

Carey, Kathleen McNellis
The Lived Experiences of the Independent Oldest Old in Community-Based Programs: A Heideggerian Hermeneutical Analysis
Asst. Prof., St. Xavier University, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice

Chen, Lijun
Building Local State Capacity in China
Senior Research Specialist, Chapin Hall, University of Chicago

Hougham, Gavin Wade
Living Wills and Other Advance Directives: Reasons for Execution and Preferences for Their Use
Senior Program Officer, John A. Hartford Foundation
Asst. Prof., Medicine, University of Chicago

Kim, Doo Hwan
Social Capital in Action: Parent and School Support in Adolescents' Transition to Postsecondary Education
Post-doc: Center for Research on Educational Opportunity, University of Notre Dame
Asst. Prof., Chinese University of Hong Kong

Koh, Chi-Young
The Everyday Emotional Experiences of Husbands and Wives
Post-doc: UCLA Center on Everyday Lives of Families (CELF), a Sloan Center
Gyeonggi Family and Women’s Research Institute

Ng, Kwai Hang
The Common Law in Two Voices: Language and Law in Postcolonial Hong Kong
Associate Prof., University of California, San Diego

Reay, Michael John
Economic Experts and Economic Knowledge
Visiting Asst. Prof., Reed College
Asst. Prof., Swarthmore College

Stamatel, Janet Phyllis
When the Wall Came Down, Crime Went Up: Crime and Social Change in Post-Socialist Central Eastern Europe from 1985 to 2000
Asst. Prof., SUNY Albany, School of Criminal Justice
Asst. Prof., University of Kentucky

Stoelinga [Hallman], Sara Ray
Knitting the Right Sweater: Institutionalization of Teacher Leaders in the School Fabric
Senior Director, Urban Education Institute
Associate Clinical Prof., Committe on Education, University of Chicago

Wagmiller, Robert Lee
Lost Opportunity: Racial Unrest, Violent Crime, and the Emergence of a Jobless Urban Underclass
Asst. Prof., SUNY Buffalo

Wang, Tianfu
The Space of Marriage: Power, Bargaining, and Conflicts in Urban Chinese Households
Associate Prof., Qinghua University, Beijing