Chang, Virginia Wei-Wen
The Social Stratification of Obesity: Bodily Assets and the Stylization of Health
Asst. Prof., University of Pennsylvania Dept. of Medicine, Div. of General Medicine

Flory, Richard Wayne
Development and Transformation within Protestant Fundamentalism: Fundamentalist Bible Institutes and Colleges in the U.S., 1925-1991
Biola University
Associate Prof., University of Southern California

Kim, Harris
Embedded Transactions and Market Consequences: A Network Study of the Legal Services Industry
Adjunct Professor, Hanyang University, Division of International Studies

Kim, Jibum
Community Context and the Lives of Korean American Immigrant Elderly
Senior Research Scientist, NORC, University of Chicago

Kochanek, Julie Reed
Building Trust: The Process of Developing Relationships in Elementary Schools
Post-doc: University of Notre Dame
Asst. Prof., Southern Oregon University

Marchena, Elaine
The Intersection of Work and Family Life in Middle Class Dual-Earner Families
Post-doc: MARIAL Sloan Center, Emory University

Michelson, Ethan Charles
Unhooking from the State: Chinese Lawyers in Transition
Associate Prof., Indiana University, Sociology and East Asian Studies (joint appointment)

Paik, Anthony Ilchung
Intimacy Unbound: The Structure of Intimate Ties in Chicago
Asst. Prof., University of Iowa

Pashup-Graham, Jennifer R.
Coping with Changes in the Neighborhood: Residential Capital, Aging and Neighborhood Preferences
Post-doc: Northwestern University, Institute for Policy Research

Reynolds, Michael John
Thriving at the Edges: Agency, Identity, and Adaptation in the Brazilian Amazon
Senior Survey Director, NORC, University of Chicago
Deputy Director, Senior Research Scientist, NORC, University of Chicago

Rojas, Fabio Guillermo
Organizational Decision Making and the Emergence of Academic Disciplines
Asst. Prof., Indiana University
2008-2010 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholar in Health Policy Research

Timberlake, Jeffrey Martin
Effects of Residential Segregation on Racial Inequality in Children's Exposure to Neighborhood Poverty and Affluence
Associate Prof., University of Cincinnati

Wen, Ming
Social Ecological Environment and Population Health: Does Where We Live Matter?
Associate Prof., Director of Graduate Studies, University of Utah