Augis, Erin Joanna
Dakar's Sunnite Women: The Politics of Person
Associate Prof., Ramapo College

Barman, Emily Alice
Between Giving and Getting: Donor Choice and the Field of Workplace Charity
Associate Prof., Boston University

Chang, Kuang-Chi
The Companies We Keep: Formation and Consequences of Relational Embeddedness
Post-doc: UC Berkeley
Asst. Prof., University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Chong, Kelly Haesung
Agony in Prosperity: Evangelicalism, Women, and the Politics of Gender in South Korea
Post-doc: Harvard University, Women's Studies in Religion Program
Associate Prof., University of Kansas

Chung, Jeanette Wei-Ling
Rational Relational Investment and the Formation of Social Capital: Theory and Applications
Post-doc: Princeton University, Office of Population Research
Research Associate Asst. Prof., University of Chicago, Section of Hospital Medicine

Lee, Yun-Suk
Housework and Familial Relationships
Post-doc: Cornell University, Employment & Family Careers Institute
Asst. Prof., Univ of Seoul, Urban Sociology

Lloyd, Richard Douglas
Neo-Bohemia: Culture and Capital in Postindustrial Chicago
Associate Prof., Vanderbilt University

Mahay, Jenna Wade
Family Formation Over the Life Course: Changing Competitive and Cultural Pressures
Post-doc: NIA Committee on Demographic Training
Associate Prof., Concordia University, Department of Sociology and Social Work

St. Jean, Peter K. B.
Not on My Block: The Criminogenic Life-Course of Place on Chicago's South Side
Asst. Prof., SUNY Buffalo

Stuenkel, Carolyn Patricia
Help Wanted: Commodification of Household Services as a Strategy for Working Families
Post-doc: University of Chicago Sloan Center
Senior Researcher, Confer Research (Research Firm)

Villarreal, Andres
Extending Ecological Theories of Crime: An Analysis of the Mexican Case
Associate Prof., University of Texas, Austin

Zubrzycki, Genevieve G.
With or Without the Cross? Nationalism and Religion in Post-Communist Poland
Post-doc: Center on Religion and Democracy, University of Virginia
Associate Prof., University of Michigan