Blank, Grant U.
Stars, Thumbs and Best Buys: A Sociological Theory of Reviews and Credible Knowledge
Asst. Prof., American University, Dept. of Sociology
Survey Research Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute

Chang, Dukjin
Privately Owned Social Structures: Institutionalization-Network Contingency in the Korean Chaebol
Associate Prof., Seoul National University

Flippen, Chenoa Anne
Race and Ethnic Inequality in Housing Wealth: A Multi-Level Approach
Post-doc: Center for Demographic Studies, Duke University
Asst. Prof., University of Pennsylvania

McFarland, Daniel Anthony
Organized Behavior in Social Systems: A Study of Student Engagement and Resistance in High Schools
Post-doc, University of Notre Dame; Institute for Educational Initiatives
Associate Prof., Stanford University, Dept. of Education

Menanteau, Alicia Diana
Gender, Sexuality, and AIDS in Yucatan, Mexico: A Sociocultural Analysis
Assoc. Project Director, International Survey Research, LLC
Innovation Process Facilitator, Ideas to Go

Ono, Hiroshi
For What It's Worth: The Value of College Education in Japan
Asst. Professor, Stockholm School of Economics, The European Institute of Japanese Studies
Associate Prof., Texas A & M University

Reagans, Ray Eugene
The Logic of Social Bias: The Structural Demography of Homophily
Asst. Prof. of Org. Behavior & Theory, Carnegie Mellon University
Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Management, Associate Prof. of Organization Studies, MIT Sloan

Wang, Horng-luen
In Want of a Nation: State, Institutions and Globalization in Taiwan
National Taiwan University, Dept. of Sociology
Associate Research Fellow, Adjunct Associate Prof., National Taiwan University

Yu, Wei-hsin
Unequal Employment, Diverse Career Paths: Gender Stratification in Japan and Taiwan
Asst. Professor, National University of Singapore, Japan Studies Institute
Associate Prof., Dept. of Sociology, Center for East Asian Studies, University of Texas Austin