Birgen, Judith Ann
The Role of Social and Self Organization in Success among African American Catholics: A Case Study of Saint Sabina Church
Associate Prof., Sociology and Social Work, Chicago State University

Carr, Patrick Joseph
Keeping Up Appearances: Informal Social Control in a White Working Class Neighborhood in Chicago
Asst. Professor, St. Joseph's University
Associate Prof., Rutgers University

Choi, Yong Sok
War, State and Big Business in Modern Japan: The Intercorporate Structure and Diversification of Mitsui and Mitsubishi, 1868-1945
Korean military teaching position

Cook, Daniel Thomas
On the Commoditization of Childhood: Personhood, the Children's Wear Industry and the Moral Dimensions to Consumption, 1917-1967
Asst. Prof., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Associate Prof., Rutgers University Camden, Department of Childhood Studies

Farrer, James Curtis
Opening Up: Sex and the Market in Shanghai
Associate Prof., Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

Gerson, Elihu M.
The American System of Research: Evolutionary Biology, 1890-1950
President, Tremont Research Institute

Glick, Douglas J.
Politeness Marking in Modern Israeli Hebrew
Asst. Prof. Vassar College, Dept. of Anthropology
Asst. Prof., SUNY Binghamton, Dept. of Anthropology

Hrycak, Alexandra Martha
From the Iron Fist to the Invisible Hand: Writers, Artists and the Nation in Ukraine
Associate Prof., Reed College

Jacobson, David Lee
Contemporary Organizational Integration in Schools and Firms
Asst. Prof. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, New York University

Kandel, William Alan
Temporary U.S. Migration and Children's Educational Outcomes in Three Mexican Communities
Post-doc: Penn State (International Demography)
Visiting Asst. Prof., Population Research Institute, Penn State
Economic Research Service, US Department of Agriculture

Kefalas, Maria Joan
The Last Garden: Culture and Place in a White, Working-Class Chicago Neighborhood
Professor, St. Joseph’s University

Luk, Tak-chuen
The Bureaucratization and Informalization of Working Class Lives: A Case Study of South Wind in State Socialist China, 1949-1996
Hong Kong Baptist University (Sociology)
Head of Research, Oxfam Hong Kong

McSweeney, Elizabeth Jane
The Meaning of Political Party Opposition: Social Democratic Party Fortunes in Japan and the Federal Republic of Germany
Visiting Asst. Prof., Dept. of Sociology, Yale University
Manager of the Public and Industrial Policy of the Asia Pacific Division of Merck & Co

Moore, Mignon Renee
Family and Community Correlates of Sexual Debut and Pregnancy among African-American Female Adolescents in High-Poverty Neighborhoods
Post-doc: University of Michigan, Research and Training on Poverty, the Underclass and Public Policy (two years)
Associate Prof., University of California Los Angeles

Morgan, Harriet Phillips
Moving Missions: Organizational Change in Liberal Arts Colleges
George Mason University, Institute for Educational Transformation, courtesy appointment in Sociology

Suh, Doowon
From Individual Welfare to Social Change: The Expanding Goals of Korean White-Collar Labor Unions, 1987-1995
Research Fellow at Center for Korean Studies, University of California, Berkeley
Korea University

Vejjajiva, Witchu
Beyond Free Markets and Strong States: The Institutional Bases of Petrochemical Development in Thailand
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand
1st Secretary in the Thai mission to the UN, Geneva